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  • The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool
    Augmented Reality
    The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool

    Location Based AR allows you to deliver relevant content based on the person’s actual location in the real world. How does this work? Imagine the efficiencies of creating one, new car brochure that, when viewed in Detroit, San Francisco or New York City, will contain the local dealer, promotion and availability information. Include regional imagery, benefits, videos, websites and a button to call that local dealer. Currently, you’d provide this with your website or a marketing collateral kit.


  • BLUairspace workflow for Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality
    The Art of Marketing applications and trying something new. Our Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly, Soar approach.

    AI, VR, AR …

    “Where do I begin”

    “Who can do this”

    “Who can I trust to implement without me being the guinea pig?”


  • Why Augmented Reality
    Direct Mail
    Why Augmented Reality?

    You might be used to reaching your customers through print, but have you considered the benefits of adding another layer to your communication? 


    Move your audience from paper to interactive

    Increase the value of your print by positioning it as a “Thing on the Internet.” With your print in hand, your customer has a direct connection to the web—only now, instead of delivering a flat web page you are able to deliver media-rich, engaging content that makes a memory and not noise.


  • Augmented Reality Defined
    Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality Defined

    Augmented Reality is the state of imposing virtual media elements on one’s view of the real world, either through a small screen or a wearable.


    AR turns printed pieces, real objects, and physical locations into portals to a virtual space. We call this space BLUairspace. To us, it's the wild blue yonder, a place where anything is possible. This space can be filled with interactive media like video, 3D object renderings, and animation, or it can be used to create an organic web browsing experience.


  • Future of Direct Mail
    Direct Mail
    The Future of Direct Mail

    The way we consume media has changed.


    Your customer has a mobile device in her pocket, and she expects your brand to understand her desire for a mobile lifestyle. Enabling your marketing with a true multichannel approach is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have.


    This doesn't mean the end of direct mail—on the contrary. While the emergence of new digital media channels has given brands more options for reaching intended audiences, direct mail still offers marketers significant reach and penetration.