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Zimmet Group Collaborates with RealityBLU to Offer Integrated Augmented Reality Sales Enabled Programs

Zimmet Group Collaborates with RealityBLU to Offer Integrated Augmented Reality Sales Enabled Programs

Roscoe, IL, October 24, 2018 – RealityBLU, an augmented reality (AR) platform provider, today announced that Zimmet Group, a boutique marketing and training firm located in Rochester, NY, has added AR experiences to its portfolio of content services. Using the BLUairspace® platform, Zimmet Group is able to integrate a new interactive, mobile layer to campaigns for longer engagement and deeper education of users.

“We see an increasing relevance for augmented reality in our training and sales enablement practices and the BLUairpace platform will let us capitalize on that easily,” said Erika Zimmet, founding partner and Creative Director of Zimmet Group. “With this platform, we can help sales teams and their customers understand new technologies before they can physically see them. Not only does AR engage users, it offers real business value by streamlining the training process and shortening sales cycles.”

Bringing a Product to Life with Augmented Reality

Using the BLUairspace platform, Zimmet Group recently developed two unique AR experiences designed to bring a highly technical product to life for a global Fortune 500 company’s sales team and customers. Users can interact with both experiences through the Solimar® AR App on their iPhone or Android device.

The first experience integrates with a high-end brochure that showcases the product’s capabilities. A sales representative or customer can scan a specific image (a marker) to activate the experience, which includes multiple animations, video, audio and a customer testimonial.

Zimmet also created a markerless AR experience that allows a sales representative to place a virtual product right in a customer’s manufacturing facility. The customer can experience a full 360 view of the product and see how it would appear in their environment. Multiple configurations are available allowing customers to assess various product options.

According to Zimmet, “The AR experiences were extremely well received by the sales team during their training and easily carried over to customer conversations. The experiences made the product and its options very tangible. They were essential tools that helped the sales team close deals. We could not have created these experiences without the support of the realityBLU team, their highly flexible platform, and their desire to help us deploy an effective program.”

Zimmet Group worked in close collaboration with the realityBLU team on the project to ensure that the BLUairspace platform could support their vision. The two companies collaborated to optimize existing digital assets (video, animations, renderings, audio, images, etc.) for a mobile environment to ensure a realistic experience. Once the digital assets were finalized, they were added to the BLUairspace platform and the AR experiences were developed in a matter of minutes.

“Working with Zimmet Group, we were able to push the boundaries of our platform to create a highly interactive and effective mobile experience,” said M.J. Anderson, Chief Experience Officer, realityBLU. “Erika and the Zimmet Group team understand the benefits AR can bring to an integrated sales and marketing campaign. The BLUairspace platform’s flexibility supports their creativity and will allow them to manage multiple mobile experiences for their clients.”

BLUairspace is a cloud-based AR platform that aligns with current production workflows and is highly scalable allowing a company, agency or service provider to manage one or hundreds of accounts, campaigns, and experiences. It is the only solution to include four AR workflows in one platform allowing users to develop markerless, marker-based, location-based and personalized AR experiences.

To see the markerless AR experience in action, download the Solimar AR App in the App Store for iPhone and Android devices.

About realityBLU

realityBLU provides a flexible and intuitive delivery platform for Augmented Reality. We help brands to easily implement AR and rich media campaigns in a way that supports their business goals while improving the customer experience. The BLUairspace® Product Suite allows brands across a wide range of industries to easily create, manage, deploy and measure AR campaigns. We provide customized workflows that enhance the user experience: Markerless, Marker-based, Location-based and new to the market personalized AR.

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