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Endurance Warranty Services Uses WorldViewAR to Save on Postal Costs

Endurance Warranty Services (Chicago, IL), which offers high-quality extended auto protection plans, has chosen RealityBLU as its augmented reality (AR) partner for its direct mail program.

RealityBLU’s WorldViewAR platform allows Endurance Warranty Services to place people, places, and things in the metaverse. Thanks to the platform’s intuitive customer interface, even nontechnical users can create memorable AR scenes that engage the company’s direct mail and digital audiences.

“We’re a high-volume mailer, so we started looking at ways to meet the requirements of the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technologies program, which offers postal discounts for utilizing enhanced direct mail technologies,” explains Christina Parente, vice president of Endurance Warranty Services. “There are a variety of technologies that would qualify us for the discounts, but after considering all of the options, augmented reality seemed like the best balance of cost and implementation.”

Christina learned about RealityBLU and its WorldViewAR augmented reality creation platform from a colleague, who recommended WorldViewAR for its ease of use. Indeed, with the speed and professionalism of the RealityBLU team, Endurance Warranty Services was able to get its first AR-enabled campaign up and running quickly. 

Endurance Warranty Services’ first AR-augmented direct mail piece qualified easily for the USPS 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technologies Promotions program. In this implementation, the postal recipient scans a QR Code to access an AR scene that places a television screen in their real-world environment. On the screen, an Endurance Warranty Service ad is playing. 


Scan the QR Code above or click here to see the AR scene

Thanks to the addition of this AR experience to its direct mailings, Endurance Warranty Services now receives a 2% discount on its postage, saving the company a significant amount of money each time. 

“We're thrilled to see our clients using augmented reality, not only to get better results from their marketing programs, but to take advantage of substantial savings in USPS postal discounts,” says MJ Anderson, chief experience officer for RealityBLU. “Auto protection coverage is a crowded and highly competitive marketplace, and we’re excited to see AR scenes created in WorldViewAR set Endurance Warranty Services apart from its competitors and save money at the same time.” 


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