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Posts about Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

3 min read

Shooting Better Green Screen Video for Holotwins

Using a green screen can be a fantastic tool for video production, but it requires attention to detail to ensure the best possible results. There are...

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1 min read

Activate your campaign with Holotwins

RealityBLU is a leading builder of immersive marketing technologies that can transport engaging digital experiences into a consumer’s physical world...

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2 min read

How to Create a Holotwin in 5 Easy Steps

Augmented Reality (AR) has taken the digital world by storm, offering immersive experiences that blur the lines between the digital and the real....

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1 min read

AR Game Promotions

RealityBLU is a leading builder of immersive marketing technologies that can transport people, places, and things into a consumer’s physical space....

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5 min read

A few ways to use AR

Introduction Augmented reality (AR) is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance your user experience. This technology has been around for...

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1 min read

People, Places + Things

With around 65% of the world’s population being visual learners, meaning they remember things better when they look at them overusing any other...

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AR Market Spend

1 min read

Let Us Help You Master AR

Navigating the volatility of the Covid-19 economy has been a continuous challenge for agencies. Clients are relying heavily on their marketers to be...

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RealityBLU WebAR reduces friction to access content

2 min read

Reduce Engagement Friction with WebAR

Augmented Reality (AR) as a category is a very large ecosystem of possibilities. There is an abundance of opportunities for scene deployments,...

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2 min read

RealityBLU Brings More Augmented Reality to Beloit

RealityBLU advances to the semi-final round of the 17th Annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest, according to...

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2 min read

RealityBLU Brings Print and Packaging to Life with Augmented Reality at PRINT 18

RealityBLU turns printed content into interactive, personalized mobile experiences that drive revenue and customer loyalty

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