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Description of Holotwins


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AR For

Marketing Agencies

Printing & Graphic Design

Sports Teams




Use Cases

Direct Response Marketing

Digital Marketing

Paper-based marketing


Fan Engagement


Sales Enablement


Design Services

3D Graphics

Campaign Management

Boost your revenue from direct mail, packaging, brochures, billboards, banners, posters with AR

Elevate the value of print by incorporating augmented reality into your arsenal


Activate consumers with Augmented Reality and analyze the results of your print like never before

Drive Sales

Boost brand visibility and sales with AR. Seamlessly integrate CTA buttons to enhance conversion rates.

Enriched Experience

Engage consumers with AR that boosts memory retention by 70% and positive emotional response by 55%.

Expand Beyond

Increase the available space of your print by adding digital components. The only limitation is your imagination.


Direct marketing with a 13% scan through rate

Texas Tech included our solution to engage fans with an AR message from New Coach Joey McGuire. McGuire encouraged fans to buy their season tickets early making AT&T Stadium the hottest ticket in the Southwest Conference!

Incorporate Augmented Reality into your print capabilities with RealityBLU


Build immersive AR projects in minutes. No coding or special knowledge required.


Easily deploy AR through QR codes and links that are automatically generated. No apps required.


Access real-time analytics and obtain deeper insight on print engagement & conversion.

How Does It Work

Creating AR with RealityBLU is simple. Whether you are creating a Holotwin, Portal, or Thing, the process is easy.

Upload Your Video or 3D Assets
Add Interactivity with Buttons
Upload & Key Videos
Generate QR Code & Unique Link
Share Everywhere
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High conversion print

Add engaging messages from your brand's spokesperson to a print campaign to boost conversions. 

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Personalize your Mail

Integrate Holotwins into your mail campaigns and turn your print into a personal, engaging experience that can capture rich analytics.

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