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“It was fantastic to work in the tradeshow booth last week!”

“It was fantastic to work in the tradeshow booth last week!”
When was the last time those words came out of your mouth?? Yeah, we can’t remember either!

RealityBLU® exhibited at the AWE event on May 31 and June 1, 2018. This Augmented Reality forum provided us the opportunity to not only demonstrate BLUairspace® capabilities to potential customers but also reaffirm our mission to be the premier delivery platform for Augmented Reality content and advertising experiences.

The show had an incredible list of speakers, a knowledgeable group of attendees and exhibitor companies that provide real AR solutions for the foreseeable future.

In the RealityBLU booth two key features of BLUairspace resonated with the attendees 1) ease of use and 2) flexibility. This is what people praised about our platform.


And let’s be clear, we’re talking easy for everyone – the designer, the marketer, and the end-user.

Our XRBuilder composition tool makes it easy for any designer to assemble assets and markers to create an effective end-user experience. By using our design tool creatives can easily integrate images, photos, 3D renderings, and video into a virtual space used to create their campaign experience.

The intuitive campaign dashboard allows marketers to manage, change, update and hold campaigns based on program parameters. Our campaign management tools provide web-based reporting, scheduling, tracking and analysis of specific data points relevant for your specific metrics. You can report down to the experience level – location, campaign, OS, day and time.

And, most importantly, the end-user experience. The fast, realistic and easy to access BLUairspace App allows users to quickly view data for your Marker Based or Markerless campaigns. Open the BLUairspace App, scan and your content is instantly available to your customers and prospects.


We’ve discussed the realityBLU Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly, Soar approach in a previous Blog. No matter the size of the company 98% of our clients prefer to “crawl” before they take “a leap of faith.” No one wants the unexpected keeping them up at night. Our realityBLU Product Suite allows you to utilize the tools that support your business goals and AR experiences.

BLUairspace – is designed for those companies that have time constraints, limited budget and need to quick start a program. It is a great tool for proof-of-concept (POC) programs. Simply develop your project or POC, utilize existing assets, create markers and use the BLUairspace App. You won’t incur mobile App costs and you’ll be up and running with iOS or Android. We’ll provide set-up and training then you’ll have all the instruction you need to deploy up to three campaigns.

BLUlabel™ – may be a good fit when your AR requirements get a bit more complex or if you prefer a branded App. We’ll work with your brand team to design an interface that meets corporate brand guidelines. Your content, messaging and brand will be placed within realityBLU templates. Once completed we handle the submission process and deployment to the App stores. You’ll have the BLUairspace functionality, speed to market as well as brand recognition.

CustomBLU™ – provides the ultimate in flexibility. This is your complete custom development project. We’ll work with your team to scope, engineer, design, build and deploy your company App. CustomBLU provides functionality that is specific to your business and marketplace.

BLUsdk™  – integrates directly into your own App using the realityBLU code base. BLUsdk supports Marker Based and Markerless workflows and all the functionality of the BLUairspace platform. It supports both the Apple ARKit and Google ARCore as well as devices that are not supported by either of these two platforms.


All our offerings include set-up and training. Our team will provide pre-sales support, pitch support for clients, setup, campaign implementation and upon request.

Stefan Agustsson and M.J. Anderson will now be frequent attendees at AR tradeshows and events!



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