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WEBINAR: AR, Free Money and the USPS



View RealityBLU’s most recent webinar,  AR, Free Money and the USPS.

Industry experts Stefan Agustsson and Bridget Thomas will teach you how to SAVE MONEY and get USPS approvals FASTER on your direct mail campaign.

Transform traditional mail campaigns to digital experiences with 10X engagement! There's no limit to what's possible for mail when print and mobile technology join forces! Partner with RealityBLU and get USPS approvals FASTER!

In this session you will learn how to:
          -Save 2% on your direct mail costs
          -Get USPS approval faster
          -Learn how RealityBLU can be your start-to-finish-solution for the Emerging & 
           Advanced Technology USPS Promotion
          -Transform traditional mediums (ie: postcards, etc) to digital experiences with 10X 
          -Get guaranteed ROI on mailings

Guaranteed 2% Savings on direct mail costs when you partner with RealityBLU!

Check back frequently for new content or schedule a call with Bridget Thomas, VP of Sales to learn more.

Laura Witlox is the Operations Manager for RealityBLU. Contact the team here.

Download RealityBLU's white page, "USPS Emerging Technology AR Discount" below.

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