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RealityBLU Leverages the 8th Wall WebAR Platform to Make It Easier for Creators to Enter the Metaverse

RealityBLU announces it is making it easier for content creators of all sizes to enter the metaverse by powering its immersive marketing platform with 8th Wall WebAR technology, enabling even non-technical users to create and deploy augmented reality (AR) experiences at scale. 

The robust content creation capabilities of 8th Wall, a world-class development platform used by major brands such as Universal, Nike, General Mills, and LEGO, now powers RealityBLU’s simple user interface and content creation wizards to put the metaverse in the hands of everyone from designers and marketing firms to brand owners and individual creators. With this new development, even small and mid-sized marketers will be able to design and publish many of the same types of robust AR experiences as Fortune 500 companies. 

“Many content creators aren’t engaged in creating for the metaverse because they think it’s difficult,” says Stefan Agustsson, CEO of RealityBLU. “This new development breaks down these barriers. Content creators, whether they are building experiences for themselves or their clients, will be able to focus on what they are great at doing— creating—and leave the technical process to us.”

8th Wall Partner Program RealityBLU

Key to this recent development is that AR scenes will be easier for shoppers and other audiences to view. Many AR scenes require users to download an app, then launch the app each time they want to engage with those experiences. This has limited engagement in the metaverse since users have shown little interest in multi-step processes or downloading apps. With this partnership, however, no app is required. All AR experiences will be web-based. Users will only need their mobile phones. 

One of the standout features that RealityBLU brings to this development is measurability and trackability for marketers. This is accomplished by incorporating the campaign management capabilities of its WebAR Builder Platform, which allows businesses to measure, track, and report on the success of their AR campaigns. 

“We are marketers, and we build solutions for marketers,” notes Agustsson. “Our goal is to accelerate engagement in the metaverse, not just for entertainment and brand building, but also for ROI-driven experiences such as shopping and recruiting. We want the metaverse, with all of its power to delight, engage, and motivate behavior, to be accessible to everyone. Leveraging 8th Wall’s WebAR platform makes this possible.” 

About RealityBLU

RealityBLU’s web-based platform enables non-technical marketers and designers to create and publish augmented reality (AR) scenes that put People, Places, and Things into the Metaverse. RealityBLU eliminates the technical barriers to implementing and measuring AR content scenes by providing marketers with an intuitive interface and workflow that allow them to attract and delight more customers. RealityBLU has acquired 1,000+ users and has attracted household name brands across many vertical markets. To learn more, visit

About 8th Wall

8th Wall is an award-winning computer vision software company that makes it possible to build interactive web-based augmented reality (WebAR) that can be experienced on any smartphone, no app required. With the world’s largest augmented reality platform, 8th Wall supports over 3.5 billion smartphones and has been used by developers, agencies, and creative studios to create AR activations for brands across industry verticals, including retail, food and beverage, travel and tourism, automotive, fashion, sports, and entertainment. 8th Wall has powered WebAR experiences for top brands such as Nike, Porsche, Sony Pictures, Burger King, General Mills, British Gas, Heineken, McDonald’s, Swiss Airlines, Toyota, Red Bull, Adidas, COACH and more. Learn more about 8th Wall at

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