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People, Places + Things

With around 65% of the world’s population being visual learners, meaning they remember things better when they look at them overusing any other sense, there is guaranteed success in communicating effectively with augmented reality.

Viewing people, places and things virtually within real settings, allows for organic interactions that are engaging, creating more memorable and effective communications.

For people, this can be promotion of a 3D character or brand ambassador. A message can be delivered anywhere in the world and experienced directly in your space, creating a more personalized experience.

Planning a vacation but want to experience the destination ahead of time? Wishing to tour a college campus but have travel restrictions? Needing to shop for that perfect gift?  Want to stand backstage at your favorite artist’s concert? Portal video can create a 360 degree fully immersive experience of any place, bringing the sights and sounds directly to the viewer in their own space.

Looking to add a work of art to your office but not certain if it will fit within your decor? Need to share a new product design with a client from the factory floor? The possibilities are endless in creating a platform to interact w/real world objects in a virtual manor. Let your imagination guide you as there are no limits to size, shape, and dimension of an object.

When you simply can’t physically be there, AR makes it possible to create a lasting impression, a memory they will never forget.


What our eyes can see can influence what we hear, recall and retain. It is clear that multi-sensory communications are beneficial, and AR allows people, places and things to be shown in their best light.

A recent Drum report found that AR captures people’s attention for more than 85 seconds, with a guaranteed increased interaction rate of 20 percent, and improved click-through rates to purchase by 33%.

AR-inspired experiences instantly create the “stop-and-look” factor regardless of the campaign's overall quality. However, as AR is incorporated more and more in our daily lives, marketing strategies will require more thoughtful campaigns to make a lasting impression. We can help with that.

RealityBLU boasts of an eclectic mix of a team that includes technical expertise, keen insights and real-world experience—creators, engineers, designers and strategists working together, to make meaningful messages that matter.

Take 60 seconds to  view how AR can work for you. 

Bridget Thomas is VP of Sales of RealityBLU.  Contact the team here.

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