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  • Stefan would love to connect.
    Augmented Reality
    A new world of creative opportunity is available. Why wait? Experience it today!

    Why limit your creativity to a certain type of AR? Square pegs do not fit into round holes and forcing your AR workflow into a predetermined experience can be disastrous. Your AR app should have the flexibility to be as creative as you are.


  • 19 Crimes (Treasury Wine Estates)
    Augmented Reality
    Three Customer Goals for Marketing Success. What is your plan for Customer Acquisition, Growth, Retention?

    All you marketing folks out there, what are your goals for the 2019 fiscal year? Do you have objectives to launch new products or services, increase margins by X%, or create the best promotional campaign your industry has ever seen? When you take a close look at actual goals they really consist of three key areas of customer focus that contribute to increased revenues:

  • Three Takeaways from PRINT18
    Augmented Reality
    Three Takeaways from PRINT18

    PRINT18 wrapped up a few weeks ago. While virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been discussed at PRINT in the past – they took on new importance at this year’s show. So much so, that PRINT added a new Virtual Reality area to the event that allowed attendees to experience the inner working of a production press using a virtual headset. The show was also full of printed campaigns that incorporated a mobile experience. 


  • RealityBLU at AWE 2018
    Augmented Reality
    “It was fantastic to work in the tradeshow booth last week!” When was the last time those words came out of your mouth?? Yeah, we can’t remember either!

    RealityBLU exhibited at the AWE event on May 31 and June 1, 2018. This Augmented Reality forum provided us the opportunity to not only demonstrate BLUairspace capabilities to potential customers but also reaffirm our mission to be the premiere delivery platform for Augmented Reality content and advertising experiences.

    The show had an incredible list of speakers, a knowledgeable group of attendees and exhibitor companies that provide real AR solutions for the foreseeable future.

  • The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool
    Augmented Reality
    The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool

    Location Based AR allows you to deliver relevant content based on the person’s actual location in the real world. How does this work? Imagine the efficiencies of creating one, new car brochure that, when viewed in Detroit, San Francisco or New York City, will contain the local dealer, promotion and availability information. Include regional imagery, benefits, videos, websites and a button to call that local dealer. Currently, you’d provide this with your website or a marketing collateral kit.