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Description of Holotwins


Description of Portals


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AR For

Marketing Agencies

Printing & Graphic Design

Sports Teams




Use Cases

Direct Response Marketing

Digital Marketing

Paper-based marketing


Fan Engagement


Sales Enablement


Design Services

3D Graphics

Campaign Management

Join the AR revolution.
You're not just creating content—you're crafting experiences and making memorable impressions. 

Augmented Reality is now something YOU can master. Use the button below to schedule a quick call to see how. 


Built for Marketers. Loved by Designers.

Our no-code SaaS solution, BLUairspace, makes it easy for marketers and creatives to create, manage and measure AR scenes quickly and effectively



Introducing Holotwins, the innovative video presentation that revolutionizes customer engagement. Using easy to produce video content, you can effortlessly captivate your audience like never before. Bid farewell to traditional marketing methods and embrace the remarkable power of our Holotwins. With this tool, you can effortlessly create immersive and measurable scenes that leave a lasting impact on your customers.

Engage, inspire, and convert with Holotwins.



Enhance your clients' online presence with Portals, a cutting-edge solution that brings their physical locations to life. Immerse your audience in captivating 360° videos that showcase every detail of their establishments and locations.

Maximize online engagement like never before.


3D Assets

Experience the revolutionary Things Wizard - showcase and promote your products like never before. Effortlessly create captivating interactions with mesmerizing 3D content, bringing your products to life and leaving your audience speechless.

Unleash the power of our Things Wizard and set yourself apart from the competition.


interactive ar games

Our innovative games wizard simplifies the process of creating and launching new game promotions. Utilize our expanding collection of games (baseball, basketball & football) to captivate your customers and fans, increasing their engagement from mere seconds to minutes!

We handle everything for you, including sending out emails to all game participants.


measure engagement

We measure all interactions for your AR scenes. Gain complete access to comprehensive data on views, engagement duration, click-through rates, and various other data points. Seamlessly integrate with your Google Analytics account with just a few simple clicks or use our interactive analytics reporting dashboard which is included. 


full control over your content 

Our multi tenant SaaS platform allow full control over your content and data. You can add access controls for users, create accounts for each project/client/brand, create custom QR codes, brand elements, messages and many more. 

Its your last chance!

Nah... Not really. But you knew that. I will just leave this button here for you when you need it.