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Marketing Strategy

2 min read

Portals: Bringing Patients Closer to Healthcare Facilities

With the rapid evolution of technology, healthcare has entered an era where accessibility, patient engagement, and experiential understanding are...

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2 min read

The Future of Service Line Marketing: AR and Holotwins for New Mothers

The healthcare industry, known for its diverse range of services and offerings, has consistently embraced cutting-edge methods of communication and...

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1 min read

People, Places + Things

With around 65% of the world’s population being visual learners, meaning they remember things better when they look at them overusing any other...

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AR Market Spend

1 min read

Let Us Help You Master AR

Navigating the volatility of the Covid-19 economy has been a continuous challenge for agencies. Clients are relying heavily on their marketers to be...

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1 min read

WEBINAR: The Basics of WebAR

One of the hottest topics in the AR and creative communities is the development of WebAR technology that enables users to access AR scenes via a...

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1 min read

Why WebAR?

As a marketing specialist, I realize the day-to-day challenges in staying ahead of the curve with the latest marketing initiatives. AppAR and WebAR...

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