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The Future of Direct Mail

The Future of Direct Mail
The way we consume media has changed. Your customer has a mobile device in their pocket, and they expect your brand to understand their desire for a mobile lifestyle. Enabling your marketing with a true multi-channel approach is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have.

This doesn’t mean the end of direct mail—on the contrary. While the emergence of new digital media channels has given brands more options for reaching intended audiences, direct mail still offers marketers significant reach and penetration.

So how do you turn direct mail into an experience?

Integration with augmented reality allows the consumer direct access to the marketer’s digital channel and a seamless hand-off to an interactive experience. Print your website on a mailer and a handful of people will take the time to type it into a web browser. Capture their attention with mobile experiences launched directly from your mailer, and you’re playing a whole new ballgame.

Bottom line: today’s marketer must combine the strength of both mediums: volume delivery and a media-rich experience.


M.J. Anderson is the Chief Experience Officer, RealityBLU. Contact the team here. 



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