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Why WebAR?

Why WebAR?

As a marketing specialist, I realize the day-to-day challenges in staying ahead of the curve with the latest marketing initiatives. AppAR and WebAR are the fastest growing avenues for reaching consumers.

Augmented Reality experiences have typically required a mobile app download to a user’s phone that would allow them the opportunity to view the scene. AppAR (application-based Augmented Reality) is still a great marketing campaign option, however WebAR (web-based Augmented Reality) marketing significantly changes the game.

What is WebAR?
WebAR is short for Web-based Augmented Reality, which is held within a webpage. The consumer is directed to the webpage URL through a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari, to view an AR experience through any iOS or Android smartphone camera. No downloads required!

WebAR offers extreme convenience of being able to launch marketing campaigns associated with a specific product, dynamics of a brand, display an e-commerce catalog, or launch a product training video. WebAR has amazing versatility!

Consumers not having to download a specific mobile app for an individualized experience standardizes the process. With compatibility of both Android and iOS platforms, the same experience can be viewed interchangeably. Less steps, faster engagement! Less apps on the consumer’s device. Global usage.

The possibilities of sharing AR content are vastly improved as well. Consumers can share WebAR content links just like any other link over multiple channels - social media posts, display advertising, email, via text, and so on. Increased cross-promotion equals increased brand awareness.

And I haven't even addressed the possibilities with marker-based and markerless applications. Look for more in-depth discussion right here by subscribing.

Find out if AppAR or WebAR is right for your upcoming campaign. RealityBLU offers competitive pricing that is appropriate for any budget. We crush the competition. Contact our Sales Team today to get started.

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