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The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool

The Marketer’s Ultimate Tool
Location-Based AR allows you to deliver relevant content based on the person’s actual location in the real world.

How does this work? Imagine the efficiencies of creating a new car brochure that, when viewed in Detroit, San Francisco or New York City, it will contain the local dealer, promotion and availability information. Include regional imagery, benefits, videos, websites and a button to call that local dealer. Currently, you’d provide this with your website or a marketing collateral kit.

With Augmented Reality, you can deliver all that content with ONE printed brochure, postcard or even business card. Let’s take it a step further. Based on the success of the new automobile in the US several EU countries are interested in launching the car.

To support the launch, you may need to reformat the brochure, mailer or business card based on European sizes. By keeping the AR markers and utilizing realityBLU ® geo-mapping all the language localization can take place via your campaign dashboard remotely. The result is that the buyer in Queens, NY will have a similar but relevant experience regarding the new car as the buyer in Nice, France.

The same App can help your marketing be flexible to take advantage of changing business or environmental conditions. With the same brochure, the above Automotive company can create end of the month specials or year-end deals without physically mailing another piece. Or a franchise coffee shop can promote January's specials of hot drinks in Chicago and cool refreshing drinks for Miami with their Rewards Card.

RealityBLU ® Location-based AR opportunities include: – Micro-targeting – use data, demographics, and geographic location – Content localization – offer relevant, regional-specific deliverables – Marketing budget efficiencies – extend your reach with reduced materials – Environmentally friendly – utilize less of nature’s resources – Fast updates – take advantage of market changes, weather or quarter-end Call me, or better yet, get your BLU experience by downloading the BLUairspace App from the Apple Store and downloading and viewing my business card here.

Visit us in booth #721 at the Augmented World Expo May 30 – June 1, 2018. With BLUairspace you can Create, Schedule, and Manage your content.

M.J. Anderson - CXO, RealityBLU, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events where he shares his expertise in increasing marketing relevance through tools like mobile apps, video, augmented and virtual reality.



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