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WebAR Unlocks New Sponsorship Activation for Sports Marketers

WebAR Unlocks New Sponsorship Activation for Sports Marketers

The sports marketing landscape is always evolving, with new technology presenting opportunities for marketers to create compelling sponsorship activations that increase brand awareness and revenue for sports teams and organizations. One such development is Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR), which has paved the way for immersive and interactive fan experiences. RealityBLU, a leader in the WebAR space, has been instrumental in assisting sports marketers to leverage the full potential of WebAR. In this blog, we will discuss how WebAR is transforming sports marketing, drawing from real-world examples and insights from RealityBLU's expertise.



The Power of WebAR in Sports Marketing

WebAR enables users to access augmented reality content on their mobile devices without the need for a dedicated app. This technology simplifies fan engagement with branded content, increasing the chances of a positive association with the sponsoring brand. RealityBLU's platform empowers sports marketers to design captivating and interactive sponsorship activations using WebAR technology.

RealityBLU's Solutions Drive Revenue Growth for Sports Teams

RealityBLU has developed WebAR solutions that target three primary areas of revenue generation for sports teams and organizations: ticket sales, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

  1. Ticket Sales RealityBLU's WebAR platform helps boost event ticket sales by allowing fans to visualize ticket location and value, differentiating team packages from those in the aftermarket ticket marketplace. This approach enhances the ticket purchasing experience, encouraging fans to buy directly from the team.

  2. Merchandise Sales Using WebAR technology, RealityBLU enables fans to preview items before purchasing, which reduces abandoned shopping carts and improves customer satisfaction. This improved shopping experience translates to higher merchandise sales for sports teams and organizations.

  3. Sponsorships RealityBLU assists sports teams in creating a new line of sponsorship products. By leveraging virtual activation through WebAR, sports organizations can significantly enhance the value provided to partners and generate new revenue streams.



Real-World Examples of WebAR in Sports Marketing

  1. Virtual Stadium Tours Sports teams like Arsenal Football Club have employed WebAR to offer fans engaging virtual stadium tours. This innovative activation allows sponsors to showcase their brands in a unique and memorable way, driving brand awareness and fan loyalty.

  2. Interactive Game Day Experiences RealityBLU has collaborated with brands like Pepsi to develop interactive game day experiences for fans attending live sporting events. By scanning a QR code, fans can access exclusive WebAR content, such as virtual face paint in team colors or interactive games, increasing fan engagement and generating additional exposure for the sponsoring brand.

  3. Athlete Meet and Greets WebAR technology enables sports marketers to organize virtual meet and greet experiences with athletes, providing fans with a unique and personal way to interact with their favorite players. This innovative approach to fan engagement can be sponsored by brands looking to associate themselves with popular athletes and increase brand recognition.

  4. In-Stadium Activations RealityBLU has partnered with brands like Budweiser to integrate WebAR into in-stadium sponsorship activations. Fans can scan a QR code on their seat or other stadium locations to access exclusive augmented reality content, such as 3D mascots or interactive games, creating a memorable experience that drives brand awareness and fan loyalty.

WebAR has ushered in a new era of sponsorship activation possibilities for sports marketers. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, brands can craft engaging and immersive experiences that drive brand awareness, foster fan loyalty, and generate revenue for sports teams and organizations. RealityBLU's expertise in helping sports marketers unlock the full potential of WebAR ensures that as this technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative and impactful activations in the world of sports marketing.

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