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"Chucky's Challenge AR Basketball" game with University Book Store

Madison, WI - The University Bookstore, in partnership with Wisconsin Badgers Point Guard Chucky Hepburn and RealityBLU, is excited to announce the launch of "Chucky's Challenge AR Basketball", an augmented reality basketball game that allows players to test their skills against one of the top players in the NCAA.



You can experience the game yourself at HERE, where players will be transported to a virtual basketball court where they can shoot hoops and compete against Chucky's high scores.

"We're thrilled to be working with Chucky and RealityBLU to bring this exciting new game to our customers and to Badger fans," said Kevin Phelps, President-Elect of the University Book Store. "Chucky's Challenge is a fun and engaging way for fans to connect with one of their favorite players and test their own skills. "

Chucky Hepburn, a sophomore on the Wisconsin Basketball team and a member of last year’s Big Ten All-Freshman Team said "I'm excited to be a part of this game and give fans a chance to compete against me.  I think it's a great way for people to play a game in a unique and interactive way."

RealityBLU, an innovative Augmented Reality experience and video game platform, is excited to be working with the University Bookstore and Chucky Hepburn to bring this game to life. "Our platform is designed to make it easy for companies to create unique and engaging AR games and experiences in minutes with zero code required. We're excited to see how fans respond to Chucky's Challenge and look forward to working with more athletes and teams in the future."

 To play "Chucky's Challenge" and compete against Chucky and other fans, visit the game HERE.

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