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Augmented Reality Defined

Augmented Reality is the state of imposing virtual media elements on one’s view of the real world, either through a small screen or a wearable

AR turns printed pieces, real objects, and physical locations into portals to a virtual space. We call this space RealityBLU®. To us, it’s the wild blue yonder, a place where anything is possible. This space can be filled with interactive media like video, 3D object renderings, and animation, or it can be used to create an organic web browsing experience.

Today’s marketer must think small screen first. AR is designed just for this purpose, bringing your content to life the way today’s consumer anticipates.

Are you ready to find out what RealityBLU can do for your print marketing?

M.J. Anderson is the Chief Experience Officer, RealityBLU. Contact us here.


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