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Direct Marketers: Differentiate Your Mailer. Augmented Reality and the USPS Will Help!

The United States Postal Services is interested in staying relevant within the marketing mix.
This year they are offering new and emerging technologies incentive programs for direct mail. You can find all the 2019 incentives and promotions here. Augmented Reality is included in the 2019 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion. Also, included in this specific promotion are Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, Near Field Communication, Video in Print, Integration with Digital Assistants, and Addressable TV technology.

Send a direct mail piece between March 1st and August 31st and you could receive a 2% postage savings!

Sounds good, right? It gets better. The USPS wants to ensure that your mailer is engaging. This year there are strict requirements for recipient interaction. Gone are the days for a simple QR code scan with a pop up image. The new requirements are in place so that people will spend more time interacting with the mail. They also allow you to create materials that provide real live experiences and CTAs (call to actions) such as video, coupons, call, email, however you expect your recipient to respond.

RealityBLU has the tools you need to easily create content that will be approved by the Post Office the first time you submit. I recently discussed a  client that requires five million contacts to be informed of new industry regulations. Through a direct mail piece that was approved on the initial submission to the USPS earlier this month, the company will deploy and begin to inform these contacts in an immediate and effective way. An added benefit is the huge postal cost savings the company will realize. Savings of 2% for five million mailers add up quickly. 2% savings for any size mailing is an opportunity!

Below you’ll find helpful information to get started:
2019 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion Promotion Period:   March 1 – August 31, 2019 Registration:   January 15 – August 31, 2019 Discount:   2% of eligible postage Eligible Mail:   First-Class Mail® presort and automation letters, cards, and flats, USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats For more information contact me and let’s discuss how AR can differentiate your mailer and increase your customer engagement.

M.J. Anderson is the Chief Experience Officer of RealityBLU. Contact us here.


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