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DAPY selects RealityBLU as Augmented Reality partner

DAPY selects RealityBLU as Augmented Reality partner

RealityBLU today announced it has signed on with DAPY as their augmented reality partner for pre-engineering prototyping and consumer packaged goods AR experiences. RealityBLU is eager to partner with DAPY to improve the client experience and decrease production lead times by getting client approvals via AR efficiently and without physical production in early development stages.

 Additionally, DAPY will begin offering image activated and world tracking augmented reality to their clients. Offering hologram video, interactive 3D experiences and portal video will be integral in DAPY’s ability to remain the leader in bespoke packaging that convey brand and product stories.

 “We are looking forward to getting started with AR and improving our time-to-market for luxury packaging and POS displays,” says Dylan Azuelos, VP of Sales at DAPY. “RealityBLU has been innovative in its approach by finding solutions to each challenge we put before them, where others couldn’t. And being one of the first in our industry to offer best-in-market augmented reality to our clients is all about respecting the product and brand identity, making them stand out on the shelf and within peoples’ homes.”

 “The DAPY relationship is so important because it solves a real business problem. Producing physical prototypes is time-consuming, expensive and slow, but AR can speed up the process by months,” says M.J. Anderson, CXO at RealityBLU. “The ability to bring CPG augmented reality to DAPY’s book of brands is just icing on the cake. Bringing labels and displays to life offers endless opportunities for marketers and brand managers to cultivate memories, increase brand affinity, increase transaction value and reduce time to purchase.”

 The RealityBLU suite of augmented reality tools and services empowers brands, marketers, creatives and other non-programmers to effortlessly design, deploy, manage and measure AR experiences and effective campaigns as a self-service platform or a software-as-a-service provider, depending on project scope and technical needs.

 DAPY was the first European company in this sector to invest in production plants in Asia and develop new technologies for large-scale efficient productions. Since then, DAPY has extended its capabilities to also deliver small-scale multi materials productions and prototyping. DAPY’s strength is in its capacity to imagine, innovate, and create custom packaging, VAPs, influencer sets, POS displays, and other items that respect product and brand identity. Trusted by brands like Grey Goose, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and Smashbox, DAPY continues to lead the way in high-end, effective packaging, product displays and now, AR experiences.



You can also use this link to go directly to the AR scene: DAPY AR example


To learn more about DAPY visit their site here

M.J. Anderson, CXO
(815) 262-7279


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