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Why Augmented Reality?

You might be used to reaching your customers through print, but have you considered the benefits of adding another layer to your communication?

Move your audience from paper to interactive

Increase the value of your print by positioning it as a “Thing on the Internet.” With your print in hand, your customer has a direct connection to the web—only now, instead of delivering a flat web page you are able to deliver media-rich, engaging content that makes a memory and not noise.

Shorten the path to conversion

Today’s content is experience-driven and memorable. Reduce friction by making your promotions and web destinations immediately accessible on customers’ mobile devices, directly from your printed direct mail.

Measure offline performance

Eliminate the “spray and pray” approach to your marketing. As a web service, RealityBLU® allows you to measure performance in real-time. Track usage and measure time-on-target and click-through rates in a way never before possible with direct mail.

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