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How Do You Effectively Engage and Inform 5 Million Contacts? Video.




Public awareness and damage prevention company that provides regulatory compliance services engaged RealityBlu

The company performs compliance programs from audience identification through effectiveness measurement and audits.

Their objective was to create an awareness program potentially reaching five million industry-specific contacts. To ensure they were connecting with all contacts using the most appropriate channel, they planned to use an integrated marketing approach. The requirements included website content, youtube videos and direct mail. The main deliverable for the program would be a compliance “how to video” that is critical for the contacts to watch and understand.

The ability to send people to the website or youtube through a direct mail piece had been done before and is a component of the program. They wanted to deliver the video content immediately. The solution was to create a direct mail piece that would become a “portal” for delivery of the video asset they already created, no AR specific asset development would be needed. Mobile devices with video via AR allows the company the immediacy they were looking for. Contacts would simply point and click using their mobile device, then watch the video.

Additionally, the company will receive postal discounts enacted at the beginning of 2019.

I’m happy to write that their decision to work with RealityBLU was an easy one. Along with capabilities to quickly and easily create AR experiences and deploy marker-based and markerless AR the company would now develop, manage and own their app code. Their previous AR provider would maintain and own the app code, which was no longer acceptable to our client.

Benefits to our customer

  • Cost reduction, repurposing video asset
  • Postal savings by using AR
  • Extending their delivery capabilities
  • Control of the app code
  • Working with a US-based company

M.J. Anderson is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events where he shares his expertise in increasing marketing relevance through tools like mobile apps, video, augmented and virtual reality.



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