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AR Maker

You can create compelling augmented reality experiences with an AR maker. An AR maker provides the tools and software for users to play around with visuals and design immersive scenes for their audiences.
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Single Scene environments featuring
produced video of people.

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360 degree video environments showcasing your physical location.

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3D object AR scenes featuring custom lighting options.

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AR Asset Management
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RealityBLU is here for your creative agency or brand as you jump into
Augmented Reality. Our platform allows you to create and manage
brand experiences in AR with no code.


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Today’s marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


AR Maker

You can create compelling augmented reality experiences with an AR maker. An AR maker provides the tools and software for users to play around with visuals and design immersive scenes for their audiences. There are many different types of augmented reality apps, iPhone tools to build augmented reality are even available in the app store. These will allow you to create augmented reality experiences with your iPhone and share them with other iPhone users. Finding an app compatible with your existing tools and software can be a great way to get started with the content creation process.

Many different platforms create AR app technology, so no matter your business needs, you should be able to find an app or solution to achieve your objectives. Some apps contain instructions and tutorials on how to create augmented reality 3D models. In contrast, others make content for users—this can be a great option for users that lack experience with this type of technology. AR makers play a crucial role in the content creation process today and are continually innovating to provide transformative AR tools and features so that users can create unique content for their brands.

RealityBLU is a web-based AR maker that enables non-technical marketers and designers to create and publish augmented reality scenes. The platform’s Portal AR tool allows users to to present 360° customized videos. You can also create QR codes and URLs for specific scenes, easily sharing them with your audience. With RealityBLU you can begin creating unique, engaging content to delight your audience and differentiate your brand from the crowd. This can attract new people to your business and aid in the growth of your organization overall. With an AR maker like RealityBLU, you can transform your content and give your audience the experiences they deserve.

Augmented Reality Creator

An augmented reality creator is a tool or platform that enables users to create augmented reality scenes. Using an AR maker online, you can design augmented reality experiences from your home or office. These tools make it easy for anyone to create unique and compelling experiences for their audiences, even if they lack technical skills. You can view an online guide or tutorial to learn how to make augmented reality art or create augmented reality website tools. Most AR makers also include detailed instructions on how to get started.

One of the things you can do with a creator tool is design an augmented reality photocard. These present images of people or objects in a realistic way, providing users with a fun, immersive experience. To learn how to make AR photocard scenes you can visit an app or website that’s designed for creating this type of content. This should provide instruction on how to get started with the software. No matter which tool you’re using, it’s important to view the appropriate guides or tutorials to get the most out of it. This is especially important for those unfamiliar with augmented reality and just getting started with the process.

Whether you’re making a photocard, a video, or anything in between, an AR maker can help transform your creative process and enable you to reach your audience in new and exciting ways. Rather than relying on static, outdated content, you can provide them with engaging content that leaves a lasting impression. This is critical to spreading brand awareness and growing your business. Marketers can especially benefit from augmented reality creators as they carry out their marketing campaigns. Augmented reality is a great way to get people talking about your business.

AR Maker App

With an AR maker app, you can create augmented reality scenes with your smartphone. While it’s certainly possible to create AR without app technology, a mobile app makes it incredibly easy for creators to make and publish content and for viewers to engage with content on the go. For maximum ease of use, you should look for an app compatible with your existing software or operating system. For example, if you have an Android phone, then you should look for AR maker Android apps. Similarly, if you’re looking to create a specific type of augmented reality, you should find a platform designed for that content.

You can use a storytelling app to create unique, augmented reality-based stories. This is a great way to bring stories to life through imagery, immersing viewers in realistic environments and allowing them to feel like they are part of the story. With augmented reality storytelling you can breathe life into characters and help viewers gain a deeper perspective on the story. Educators can especially benefit from this technology as they plan lessons and engage students on various topics. It can help keep everyone involved, engaged, and, most importantly, excited about what they’re learning.

For instance, if you’re a high school biology teacher, you might use an augmented reality biology app to demonstrate cellular functions. An AR maker app can enable you to create these kinds of experiences and many more. With augmented reality, the sky truly is the limit in terms of the type of content you can create, which is why this technology has become so popular in recent years. Whether you’re a marketer, an educator, or anything in between, you can benefit from incorporating augmented reality into your work, and AR maker tools can help you get started.

Best Augmented Reality Apps

When deciding between the best augmented reality apps, it’s important to consider a number of factors, including your industry, content and marketing goals, and how you want your viewers to be able to access experiences. For example, if you work in business, you should look for augmented reality apps for businesses, as these are specifically designed to help professionals create and publish augmented reality scenes. Likewise, if you’re an educator, you should look for the best augmented reality apps for education. Finding the apps that are best suited to your work can enable you to create the best possible content for your audience.

You should also aim to find an app that’s compatible with your existing tools and software. Android users should look for augmented reality apps for Android; desktop users should look for augmented reality apps for desktop, and so on. Choosing an app that’s incompatible with your software can spell trouble for your entire process, so it’s important to ensure beforehand that an app can be used on your platform or device before purchasing it. Because there are so many different types of creator tools for different platforms, you should be able to find one that meets your unique business needs.

Augmented reality videos can also be created with an augmented reality app. For information on how to create augmented reality video scenes, you can view tutorials online or reach out to your app of choice for more personal guidance. Most augmented reality apps make it exceptionally easy for anyone to get started creating fun and immersive experiences, no matter their skill level. It is for this reason that augmented reality tools have become so popular among a wide range of businesses.

Augmented Reality Online

Creating augmented reality online can be easy with the right tools. Many people erroneously believe that you need to be a coding expert to create good scenes, but this is far from the case. Virtual reality experiences can also be easily created with tools made specifically for beginners. AR/VR apps and websites make it possible for the average user to design and publish quality content from the comfort of their homes or offices, allowing them to expand their reach, spread brand awareness, and make an impression on their target audiences.

You can create many different types of experiences with augmented or virtual reality. Games are among the most popular because they’re fun and engaging, but also allow businesses to convey their intended messaging. Viewing examples of augmented reality online games can give you a better idea of what these games look like and how they can be used in a variety of ways. Pokémon GO is perhaps the most well-known example of an AR game, allowing users to “catch” digital objects via their smartphone cameras and providing them with a great view in 3D. Businesses can look to this app for inspiration on creating scavenger hunt-type experiences using augmented reality.

You can also look at augmented reality website examples to see how different platforms have enabled users to create one-of-a-kind experiences. In this example, Victoria’s Secret used RealityBLU’s WorldViewAR platform to promote their Very Sexy Sea perfume product, creating an experience in which users can place a digital perfume bottle in their real-world environments. This is a great way for consumers to visualize how a product might look on their bed stand, dresser, or otherwise. Augmented reality platforms like RealityBLU enable users to create experiences like these, engaging their audiences and providing something different. Consumers may quickly glance over static ads and displays, but they’re more likely to pay attention to exciting content, which is what RealityBLU helps users create.

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