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AR Content Creation

While, as a society, we have seen tremendous benefits from being able to easily access and utilize the vast stores of digital data on the internet for years, there is still a fundamental disconnect between the world we live in and the digital data that is stored online.
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AR Asset Management
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RealityBLU is here for your creative agency or brand as you jump into
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Today’s marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


AR Content Creation

While, as a society, we have seen tremendous benefits from being able to easily access and utilize the vast stores of digital data on the internet for years, there is still a fundamental disconnect between the world we live in and the digital data that is stored online. This disconnect is due to the simple form that digital data has taken over the years — the 2-dimensional forms of web pages and flat phone and computer screens. But, as technology continues to advance, we are, as a society, slowly working towards bridging that gap. With new technologies, like augmented reality (AR) that works by layering digital information on top of the view of the real world, society can more easily and intuitively process information about the world around them. This makes augmented reality technology incredibly valuable to companies of all sizes, industries, and society.

As with any new technology, learning how to use it effectively can be a challenge. Luckily, though, with several different options for augmented reality software for beginners, there is likely a solution available on the market that can help you to easily and effectively create the augmented reality content that your customers are looking for. These augmented reality solutions can help you learn how to create augmented reality video content and other types of AR content for your business needs. This AR content can better draw your customers’ attention and help them better understand your products or services. This can help them to make more educated decisions about their purchases as well as provides them with a memorable and engaging experience that can make them more likely to want to continue engaging with your brand.

When these AR experiences are offered online without needing to download any apps or files, it is called WebAR. This type of AR content is more easily accessible to consumers because it can be displayed easily on their screens — whether they are computers, tablets, or mobile devices — without them needing to download anything. This can make WebAR more effective as an AR business tool because it allows you to easily give your products, menus, postcards, catalogs, or other items new life that your customers can be a part of.


WebAR Content Creation

Over the past year, there has been a lot of mention of the “Metaverse,” and a lot of businesses have been trying to take their own steps into this Metaverse in order to best appeal to their customers. One thing to get out of the way immediately is what the Metaverse actually is because, for a lot of people, this may be a newer concept that has never really been explained. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a complicated term, and people use it to mean many different things. One thing that has been established through multiple channels, though, is that the Metaverse is the Internet. It is the future of the Internet that brings unique and innovative opportunities to both businesses and consumers.

So, how can you take your business into this Metaverse future? One way to do this is to start using augmented reality experiences in your business. To create these experiences you can use a WebAR builder, like RealityBLU, to easily set up your business to interact with your customers on another level. Consumers are already familiar with augmented reality experiences, whether from apps that let them try on glasses frames or businesses that offer real-time views of what a product would look like in a consumer’s home. Because of this, more and more businesses are finding themselves in need of WebAR tools in order to keep up with their competitors and give customers the interactive experience of the Metaverse with their brand.

A great place to start if you are looking for ways to jumpstart your own AR content creation journey is to look for WebAR examples or even a WebAR tutorial or two. These can help you see what other businesses may be doing for their augmented reality experiences and help to give you some inspiration for your own AR content. Another thing that can be extremely helpful is adopting a WebAR framework, like RealityBLU, that can help you to build AR experiences for people, places, and things that can be accessed with a simple QR code scan. 


Ar Creator

Creating an augmented reality website on your own can be quite difficult — especially if you do not have experience with creating AR content. But, a 3D web experience is in all ways more engaging and interesting to your customers than a traditional 2D website that they’ve seen tons of times before. So, how can you create this experience that your customers are looking for without needing to spend tons of time and money on making it on your own? Luckily, there are tools that can help you out here.

An AR creator, like RealityBLU, can help you develop the 3D web experience that you are looking to create in order to interact with your customers who are wanting this type of experience. And the number of customers who prefer stores that offer an AR “try-on” experience is larger than many people think. With nearly three-fourths of shoppers (71%) noting that they prefer to go to stores that offer a try-it-before-you-buy-it experience using augmented reality, it is no surprise that business owners of many different industries are finding themselves in the search for an augmented reality creator tool or platform. Offering augmented reality online to your customers can also be an incredibly easy way to boost your engagement time and customer retention as well because it is a more interactive and engaging experience that customers will remember the next time they are in the market for a product that you are selling.

There are, of course, different types of AR experiences and you may be wondering what these are and what are the differences between them. Essentially there are a few different types of augmented reality experiences (and it can be beneficial to offer multiple types for many businesses). There is WebAR which creates AR experiences that can be accessed online and there is AR which requires the use of an app. Both of these types of AR can be marker-based or markerless. Markerless AR allows you to drop a 3-dimensional object into a space so long as it is a flat, planar surface. This type of AR can be used to easily get an idea of what a piece of furniture would look like in a room. Marker-based AR is the AR experience that requires a QR code scan or the use of another type of marker.


Create Augmented Reality

As more and more consumers become familiar with augmented reality experiences and interact with the Metaverse, it is becoming a necessity for businesses to begin offering these augmented reality experiences or risk losing out to their competitors. AR experiences outperform traditional passive content in every part of the customer experience and because of this, if your competitors are using AR and you are not, you could risk losing your valuable customers to your competitor who is offering the AR experiences that your customers are looking for. With 3 billion devices worldwide today that are enabled to show AR experiences and a projected 1.9 billion people per month who will be using AR, there is really no better time to hop on the augmented reality train if you haven’t already. Waiting longer could lead to lost customers and a lot of catching up to do.

So, how can you get up to speed with AR content creation quickly? Using an AR creator platform can help you easily learn how to create augmented reality website content that will work for your business and get you on your customers’ good sides. A platform like RealityBLU can help you to figure out how to make interactive AR experiences for your customers in one easy-to-use dashboard without needing to employ any programmers or developers. This means that you can easily and quickly start creating engaging and memorable AR content that will improve your customer experience and lead to more satisfied customers.


Best Augmented Reality Platforms

It can be challenging to know which augmented reality platform to choose when there are so many options available (and more options keep coming up). Because of this, it is incredibly important to ensure that you are looking for the features and tools that you need in this type of platform to most effectively create powerful content for your customers. This likely means that you will have to do a bit of research into the different augmented reality apps that are available and see which AR creator app will be the best solution for your business.

With the number of augmented reality platforms that are on the market today, it can be difficult to even know where to begin looking. However, one thing that you may want to consider is that not all AR platforms will offer the same features, and not all of them will be easy to use if you do not have any coding or programming knowledge. There are, however, some great AR creator platform options like RealityBLU that offer you the ability to create WebAR as well as app-based AR solutions for your business without needing any programming or coding skills. This makes RealityBLU an excellent choice for anyone who wants to dive into the Metaverse with their customers without needing to hire developers or programmers to use.

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