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AR Content Creation

While, as a society, we have seen tremendous benefits from being able to easily access and utilize the vast stores of digital data on the internet for years, there is still a fundamental disconnect between the world we live in and the digital data that is stored online.
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Single Scene environments featuring
produced video of people.

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360 degree video environments showcasing your physical location.

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3D object AR scenes featuring custom lighting options.

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AR Asset Management
At It’s Finest

RealityBLU is here for your creative agency or brand as you jump into
Augmented Reality. Our platform allows you to create and manage
brand experiences in AR with no code.


A Breakout Way To
Engage Customers

Today’s marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


360 Video

A 360 video is a video in which views in all directions are recorded simultaneously, providing viewers with a more immersive experience. Using a 360 camera, you can engage viewers in an exciting, innovative way, taking things a step beyond traditional recordings. 360 videos have become a popular marketing tool and are being utilized more and more by businesses as they seek new ways to stand out from the crowd. 360 videos can help grab your audience’s attention and engage them on a deeper level, making them, in turn, more likely to engage with your brand.

3D VR movies are an excellent example of 360 videos. They offer a hyperrealistic viewing experience and really objects and places to life. As technology progresses, 3D movies are becoming more common and more advanced. They are a great tool for conveying ideas, information, and imagery in a way that feels authentic and realistic. While traditional videos can be impactful, 360 videos are even more so, pulling viewers into the scene and making them feel like they’re actually a part of what’s happening. Videos such as these are paving the future for visual technology and serving as an example for what modern tools can do.

RealityBLU enables non-technical marketers and designers to create and publish augmented reality scenes. The platform removes the technical barriers to implementing augmented reality by providing marketers with an intuitive interface and workflow that allows them to attract and delight more customers. With RealityBLU’s Portal AR tool you can present engaging, customized 360 degree videos, transporting viewers to whatever location you like. You can then create a unique QR code and URL, giving viewers easy access to your scene and allowing them to pull the experience up on their device. This simplifies the sharing process.


360 Video Download

Creating a 360 video download can be as easy as creating and sharing a QR code. Many people falsely assume that you need specialized tools or software to view augmented reality experiences, but this is not always the case. Platforms like RealityBLU allow creators to easily share experiences with viewers without requiring that either party possess advanced technical knowledge. This makes it possible for everyone to experience 360 videos, regardless of their background and skill set. As augmented reality technology advances, viewing opportunities arise, enabling multiple different types of people to enjoy these experiences.

However, some downloads can only be accessed on specific platforms. For example, if you’re looking to create a scene specifically for Android devices, you should try to find a 360 video downloader for Android. Likewise, a 360 video download MP4 tool can be used for MP4, and a 360 VR video downloader APK tool can be used to create videos with APK. To create an 8k VR video download, you may need a more advanced tool that’s capable of streaming much higher-quality video. Because each tool varies in terms of quality, it’s important to do your research to determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Social media can be a great avenue for sharing videos. Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms, and, as such, creators and marketers focus much of their attention trying to reach audiences there. You can use many different tools to download Facebook 360 video technology, so you should look around at what’s available and carefully consider your options. By prioritizing accessibility and ease of use, you can ensure that the maximum number of people are able to view your videos and thus become exposed to your brand.


360 Video Booth

Viewers can use a 360 video booth to experience 360 videos up close and in person. With a 360 video camera booth, they can even get in on the video and experience things more intimately. There are many different ways that you can access photo booth technology, but first, you need to download 360 video booth software. In most cases, users purchase this software from a 360 photo booth business. The great thing about using another platform’s software is that you don’t have to design it yourself, so even if you come from a non-technical background, you should be able to get your experience up and running.

Video booths can be used at promotional events and are a fantastic way to immerse viewers in a realistic digital environment. For this reason, booths are often used as theme park attractions. They give viewers the impression that they’re riding a roller coaster or visiting a unique fantasy environment. These are just some of the ways that businesses use 360 video technology, but using software like that offered by RealityBLU, you might come up with something even better for your viewers.

Strategically placing your video booth can have a big impact on the number of viewers you get. Ideally, your booth should be placed out in the open where people can find it. As mentioned previously, many businesses use booths at promotional events. This is a great way to not only spread brand awareness but demonstrate to your audience that you are committed to providing innovative, engaging experiences. It shows them that you incorporate the latest technologies into your products and services and are willing to go the extra mile to delight those you serve. Placing a video booth is a great way to show your audience that you care about delivering quality, creative products.
360 Video Camera

The first step in creating immersive videos is selecting the right 360 video camera. There are different types of cameras that can be used to shoot 360 videos, so you should outline your specific needs and determine which type of camera is right for your business before deciding on a certain model. For instance, if you want to shoot video in high quality, then a 360 camera 4k model may be suitable for you; on the other hand, if you want to save a bit of money, then shooting with a lower quality camera may be best.

You can also use a 360 video headset for an even more immersive viewing experience. While this may not be an option for creators who design videos for online audiences, it can be a great way for them to test videos themselves. It can also be useful when working with a small, intimate audience that can watch videos in person. Video headsets provide the best viewing experience for 360 videos and should be utilized to the greatest extent whenever possible. They offer a more in-depth, unique experience that cannot be replicated with regular hardware.

To find the best 360 camera for your business needs, you should consider several factors. What does your budget look like? What type of audience are you targeting? How many videos do you plan to create, and how do you want to distribute them to viewers? Insta360 offers multiple types of cameras for users with different needs. You might also try searching for a professional 360 camera or 8k 360 video camera if you plan to shoot high-quality videos. The bottom line is that there are many types of 360 video equipment and software, so no matter what your business goals, you should be able to find something that meets your needs and fits within your budget.


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