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Showcase and promote products with our Things AR Wizard, allowing you to create unique interactions with animated 3D content.


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3D Objects

3D objects convey so much more than a 2D image. Design unique lighting effects or use real world conditions which enhance believability.


Editable Features

Use your relevant branding to create  splash pages, while adding interactive buttons that increase the likelihood of a direct response.


Multi-use Scenes

Create new campaigns within the same scene by updating the video content with relevant campaign content.


QR Code or Link Activation

After building your scene, the platform creates a QR Code and URL specific to that scene. Use these links as part of your digital strategy.



Our platform measures scene engagement, showing scene views, all interactive button clicks, and locations.



We believe it best to show our work and talk less about what it can do. Schedule a demo with us to see the platform in action.


Oh the many Things!

Customize your 3D model with our lighting designer. With our Things AR Wizard, you can upload custom 3D models, adjust lighting effects, add interactive buttons and share with everyone.

  • Upload .glb Files
  • Add Lighting Effects
  • Add Interactive Buttons
  • Generate QR Code & Unique Link
  • Share Everywhere
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Texas Tech Brought Red Raider to Life Using Things AR

Watch how Texas Tech is changing their marketing engagement through augmented reality.

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