AR Knowledge Share

Turn Novices into Experts

Harness the power of AR to empower users

It’s a complex world which is only getting more intricate. People are confronted daily with the need to acquire new skills, learn unfamiliar equipment and become proficient at the multitude of tasks required to survive in today’s modern world.

AR provides the unique opportunity to help people gain the knowledge needed to transform themselves from total newbies into competent practitioners of specialized skills and knowledge.

What is AR Knowledge Share?

AR is the next step in the evolution of knowledge transfer.  With BLUairspace® it is possible to create seamless learning experiences that provide users with information where and when they need it:

  • Provide interactive overlays for machinery and other complex objects
  • Share detailed assembly instructions
  • Facilitate real-time communications with subject matter experts

Why use Knowledge Share?

AR is the ideal vehicle for streamlining the knowledge transfer process.  It significantly reduces user frustration by providing a real-world overlay of the information they need at the moment they need it.

This information exchange is dynamic, where users can interact with subject matter experts, and companies can update their information in real-time.  It is a fluid environment enabling both users and organizations to learn and assist each other in achieving their objectives.



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