AR for Print Services Providers

Add AR to your service offering and increase the value of print.

Print is Here To Stay

Although many have predicted the death of print, the truth is – it’s not going anywhere.

In fact, with the onset of AR – print will only grow in value as its functionality expands to enable printed objects to become the trigger for interactive communications.

As a Print Services Provider, you can become the conduit for your customers to take advantage of AR technology.

It's A Win/Win

Adding Augmented Reality to your services offering will get you a seat at the table with clients and prospects that are looking for new ways to use their marketing budget.

With BLUairspace®, you can empower your customers to expand the reach and functionality of their current print collateral.

It’s cost effective, easily integrated into existing workflows and provides exceptional ROI. Everybody wins!

Empower Agencies:

As a PSP, you can offer the platform to the agencies you work with to enable them to expand their service offerings to their clients.

Brand Collaboration:

Work with a brand’s agency (internal or external) as a technical resource and service provider. Become the one stop shop that empowers a brand to print and augment all their packaging and promotional materials.

New Service Offerings:

With BLUairspace® you can easily add interactive content to all your clients printed materials. This is a value-add service for which you can charge a premium.  It’s simple, cost effective and we can get you up and running in no time.



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