Seduce Readers to become Responders

Interactive Print – the next generation of communications

With the advent of AR, it is time to welcome the next stage in the evolution of print.

Moving forward, the print materials will no longer be seen simply as paper covered in ink, but rather viewers will see it as the launchpad for a much deeper, personalized, interactive, communication experience.

BLUairspace® is the tool that will make it possible for your organization to create the experiences which will captivate your audience and provide maximum ROI.

What is interactive Print?

AR can turn any piece of paper into a responsive and interactive document:

  • Bring products to life – create interactive catalogs enabling users to configure and order products
  • Enhance invoices, statements, to provide a greater depth of information and engagement
  • Augment learning materials to provide in-depth learning opportunities

Next to copy above, have an AR experience image with the caption:

Learn more about the types of experiences you can create with BLUairspace®.

Why use interactive Print?

Interactive Print removes brand-customer communication friction, helps to solve questions on the spot, adds new levels of information to documents, shortens time to response, reduces time to purchase, and can remain evergreen with real-time content updates.

By not only personalizing printed communications but also connecting AR experiences, brands can stay ahead of the competition, and confirm their status as visionary, customer-centric partners and provide previously unimagined value to their customers.

Find out how easy it is to use BLUairspace® to augment your print materials.



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