AR Management

Manage all your AR campaigns on one platform

Powerful Campaign Management Tools

Designed with marketers and creatives needs in mind, the BLUairspace® campaign management tools support collaborative workflows and facilitate the complete production process.

Scheduling, monitoring, measuring and process management are all streamlined into one easy to use dashboard, enabling your team to create and manage state of the art AR campaigns with ease.

Measure Success with Detailed Analytics

BLUairspace® provides unparalleled visibility into all AR interactions – every action, location, date, time, and click are recorded and quantified. 

This empowers your team to easily visualize the data and generate reports to make mission critical business decisions.

Digital Asset Manager

XR Builder Gallery allows you to store and manage all of the assets needed to create interactive AR content experiences.

Create your media assets, then simply upload them into BLUairspace® and start building.

The system supports 2D images, 3D objects, 3D animations, videos, and audio which can easily be used to create AR experiences.

Workforce Management

BLUairspace® has been designed to streamline the management of your team’s collaboration and workflow.

Create team assignments that match your workflow. From larger environments with multiple cross-functional teams to smaller teams – you control all aspects of permissions and production from a centralized dashboard.

This enables quicker time to market and the ability to rapidly modify campaigns for maximum impact.



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