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RealityBLU is here for your creative agency as you jump into
Augmented Reality. Our platform allows you to create and manage
brand experiences in AR with no code.
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Single Scene environments featuring
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360 degree video environments showcasing your physical location.

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3D object AR scenes featuring custom lighting options.

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AR Asset Management
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RealityBLU is here for your creative agency or brand as you jump into
Augmented Reality. Our platform allows you to create and manage
brand experiences in AR with no code.


A Breakout Way To
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Today’s marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


Hologram Video

When many people hear the word “hologram,” they may think of famous science fiction stories, like Star Wars, or even a more modern tale like Iron man. For years hologram technology has been limited to only the world of science fiction, but as technology continues to advance in society today, the realization of this technology is quickly becoming a reality. This technology is still very new, and for the most part, it is not as easily accessible as other advanced technologies, like virtual reality and augmented reality. Nonetheless, it is still developing and becoming more and more accessible. This new technology is an excellent resource for businesses that are looking to expand their marketing and advertising campaigns, reach more customers, and create unique and engaging experiences for their target audiences.

Many businesses may be able to use hologram technology to create unique hologram-based videos and advertisements for their products and services. As customers continue to show preferences for more engaging and innovative content from the businesses that they support, hologram videos may just be the next step in piquing the interest of customers in new and fascinating ways. Because the customer experience is so crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries today, it is essential that businesses keep up with advancements in technology in order to continue appealing to these customers.

Today, society is much more aware and well-versed in technological advancements than ever before. Because of this, many people expect the businesses that they support to do the same. For this reason, it can be beneficial for companies to make sure that they are up-to-date on the more significant technological advancements. In addition to simply being aware, businesses should also be working to find ways to incorporate this new technology into their advertising and marketing strategies as well as their general customer experiences if they want to keep the attention of their audience.

This being said, hologram technology is still incredibly new, and to produce a real-life 3D hologram still requires a number of particular tools, such as a hologram visualiser, so it may not yet be possible for businesses of all kinds to jump straight into creating advanced holograms. There are, however, still several computer hologram video content ideas and tools, such as RealityBLU, that businesses can use to keep up with hologram technology without needing extremely advanced technology and tools to create them. For inspiration on creating these types of videos, you can look for the best hologram videos online or even look at the types of videos your competitors are making and take them a step further by creating engaging experiences for your audience.

Holographic Projection

In science fiction films and stories, holograms and hologram projectors are used much like smartphones are today when it comes to communicating with friends and family. Rather than seeing the person or people you are talking to on the screen of your phone, however, you are seeing them in a small 3D projection. Now, hologram technology today has not yet developed to the point where it can fit into smartphones. We are still a ways off from making science fiction a reality. However, hologram technology is constantly evolving and getting more and more accessible for businesses and consumers alike. Creating an authentic hologram is still a technological feat that does require some specific tools — mainly lasers — to create, but there is another, more accessible form of hologram technology that is also often used to create augmented reality AR experiences. These holograms do not appear in 3 dimensions in the real world necessarily, but they can appear to do so through the use of a phone screen or other type of screen.

Essentially, this type of computer holographic projection is different from what science fiction has shown as a hologram — the 3-dimensional blue video experience that gets projected from a device — but it is still a very similar effect, especially for businesses who are looking to use these types of technology to create more engaging experiences for their customers. There are a number of examples of these types of experiences, and you can find inspiration for your own 3D hologram video download content by looking online. Along with examples, you may also be able to find tools and software solutions that help you to create these types of AR experiences, such as RealityBLU. RealityBLU offers a tool called the Holotwin Builder that allows you to create interactive AR experiences that do not require a specific application to view. These Holotwin scenes are browser-based, and you can add buttons that allow your customers to easily interact with your content when they are the most engaged with the Holotwin scene. This can lead to more conversions for your business and create a more engaging and unique experience for your customers with your brand.

Hologram Video Maker

Finding a tool that can help you to create the more engaging experiences that your customers want can be challenging if you are unsure about the types of experiences you want to create. There are a number of different tools and platforms online that can help you to create hologram videos or augmented reality experiences for your business. To find these solutions, you may find it helpful to search for a hologram maker app or hologram video maker software for PC or Mac if you are looking for a more specific solution for a certain operating system. A hologram video maker app may have different features and tools depending on the type of experiences it allows you to make. For example, you may find a hologram maker online that allows you to easily create engaging smartphone content, like RealityBLU.

Finding a hologram video maker online can be challenging if you are not familiar with some of the features and tools that you would need to create these types of video content options. But it can help to look for examples to get an idea of what content you can create as well as what tools may be useful. Doing web searches for terms like “4 face hologram video maker“ can be a good way to get familiar with the types of terminology that may be important in distinguishing between different types of tools — for example, you may need to know terms to distinguish between Holapex hologram video maker and RealityBLU Holotwin Wizard.

Hologram Video Download

If you are considering using hologram videos for your business, you will need to know how you can make them as well as how your customers will be able to access them. There are many holograms or augmented reality solutions today that rely on utilizing a specific application in order to appear. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing for a business. Having an app to view your engaging content can be an excellent way to interact with your current customers, but it may be more challenging to draw in new customers if they have to go through the process of completing a 3D hologram video download for Android or IOS before they can even see the content. Even if you have created a very innovative piece of content, like a 4-sided hologram video download, it may be challenging to get your target audience to download an app in order to access the content.

This is why there are solutions like RealityBLU that offer browser-based AR scenes that allow your current and potential customers to view your content free from any device without the steps that it takes to download an app. With this avoidance of the hologram download problem, your content can be more easily accessible and therefore work more efficiently in helping you to draw in more customers as well as appeal to the ones that you already have with engaging content.

Hologram Video Call

While society still may not be at the level of technological advancement where people can trade in their cell phones, and FaceTime calls for fully-developed real-time hologram video calls, there have been a number of advancements in technology that are slowly bringing this technology of science fiction into reality. Creating a full 3D hologram is still quite the task, and it does require a number of pieces of technology to work. Luckily, these hologram projector tools are becoming more and more widely studied as people continue to show an interest in this type of technology.

In the meantime, if you are wondering how to create a hologram person for your advertising or marketing campaigns, there are other, more easily available solutions. One of these solutions is having a hologram video download for smartphones or other devices that can store your engaging content. Then, using your app or by downloading a file, your customers can view your content. Another solution is to opt for a more accessible browser-based solution like RealityBLU that allows you to create this engaging AR content without requiring your customers to download an app or video. RealityBLU also allows you to add interactive buttons within your scene so that customers can easily interact with your content when they are most engaged with it.

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