AR Experiences

Engage, educate, delight and amaze

Welcome to the new world

There are millions of ways to leverage  BLUairspace®  to create experiences that will engage your customers at a new level.


Marker Based Augmented Reality

Anything used to communicate with an audience presents the basis for marker-based AR.  Essentially this means you can leverage all paper-based communication, signage and packaging to trigger AR experiences.

Easily provide additional product details, customer engagement campaigns, personalized videos, audio, product demos, assembly and repair info to your existing materials.

More importantly, AR is a two-way street, meaning beyond your providing content to users, they can interact with you to purchase goods and services, ask questions and provide feedback.  The possibilities for direct, frictionless communication are endless.

Markerless AR

Markerless AR is great for product visualization, placement, and overall environmental feel within a specific physical location.

In BLUairspace® Markerless deployment is quick and easy. Upload your models and create a folder structure for your app that lets users find what they need to see.

It’s that easy.

Time/Location Based AR

Time of day and location can be leveraged to solve your brands communication challenges.

BLUairspace® enables you to design campaigns that give the consumer information when and where they need it most. 

A company has attached an AR campaign to instore signage.  

  • In the morning, when users view the campaign the offer is 10% off, but at mid-day the offer changes to Buy One Get One Free.
  • The same sign in a different location could display offers only available at that store.

Take your campaigns to the next level using  BLUairspace®, which enables you to dynamically optimize your campaigns to the time and place when users interact.

Personalized AR Experiences

Marketers everywhere are aware of the power 1 to 1 communication as a means to engage with customers and prospects.

RealityBLU® offers a secure solution for adding data driven personalization to your AR content.

BLUairspace® can help you add personalized AR experiences, to your arsenal of communication tactics.



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