Inspire Fans to become Followers

Create insanely memorable event experiences through Event AR

People are always looking for more from events.  More excitement, more thrills, more information, more fun… just more.

BLUairspace® will enable you to enhance your events and make them truly memorable.

What is Event AR

Event AR adds the extra layer of excitement and interaction to any event that elevates it beyond just a happening – it becomes transformed into an experience:

  • Create virtual photo ops for fans with players and performers

  • Enhance stage shows with virtual 3D graphics

  • Create on-site activities, contests, and giveaways

Why use Event AR

Using Event AR intensifies the connection made with attendees at any event. It is a new way to build community, create shared memories and connect at a deeper level.

If you want to build a following for a team,  band or an artist, there is no way better than Event AR to make that long term connection.



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