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It's too hard. People don't get it. The cost is too high.

This is all wrong.

Sure, there are AR platforms that won't meet your needs, but RealityBLU® exists to change all of that. Tired of hiring a software developer to build creative AR projects, only to wait days for project turnaround with numerous rounds of edits? Burdened with lackluster campaigns and low consumer engagement?

RealityBLU® exists to make your campaign management easier.  What’s better than a tactic that’s beautiful, strategic, measurable AND different than what the competition is doing?




Most subscription periods are typically annual and allow for an unlimited number of creators. Making AR for multiple brands or clients? The platform allows for campaign separation and management, controlled by individual permission levels, allowing teams to see only what applies to their brands.

Our tiered pricing model allows for low-barrier to-entry and scaling as your needs evolve. With the new revenue streams AR can provide, evolution comes quickly and we are here to support your growth.


Creation Engine

Augmented reality doesn’t have to be complex. With the RealityBLU® no-code creation engine for AR, scene creation is drag-and-drop. 

No developer needed.
No programming required.

A creative or marketer can buildout location-based scenes using audio, video, 3D models, images, buttons, and links to create engaging, measurable content for consumers in minutes.

No need to make new assets, just quickly put your existing ones to work in an innovative way.



Scene activation is either marker-based or markerless. Marker-based AR, like the name implies, uses a “marker” to trigger the content scene. The user points their phone at a marker such as a custom image, stock photo, UPC, barcode, QR code, etc. and the scene is brought to life.

For times when you want to place an object into a scene, markerless is the way to go. When the camera identifies a flat, planar surface, an object like a sofa, treadmill, celebrity, or even a college mascot can appear in the space where the consumer is.



A myth exists that most consumers don’t understand AR, even though 70M people use it monthly and growth is projected to be 500% by 2022. The main question marketing folks need to ask is, what method do I use to deploy my scenes?

AR consumers can experience your scene via an App or through the web. AppAR is a great option for brands with an existing app and loyal followers. We can provide SDKs to drop into your existing app, transforming it into an augmented reality powerhouse.

WebAR is an excellent option for eliminating the middleman and making it easy for consumers to experience a scene simply by visiting a website, which can be as basic as scanning a picture. For WebAR, all a consumer needs is a device with a camera and internet access. No downloads or updates required.


Scene Count

Knowing how many scenes you’ll need can feel like throwing darts at a wall, but we can help. Think of a scene like a placeholder, once that scene has run its course, you can replace it with a new scene. In other words – scenes are reusable! Keep in mind, you can always add more scenes and the cost per scene scales with volume.

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