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Spend More Time Creating and Less Time Worrying About How It All Has to Work

Designed with marketers and creatives in mind, the RealityBLU® platform tools, support collaborative AR workflows and facilitate the complete augmented reality design, production and campaign management process.

Scheduling, monitoring, measuring and process management are all streamlined into one easy to use dashboard, enabling your team to create and manage state of the art AR campaigns with ease.

Use Your Phones Web Browser to See AR 
  • Easily design media rich scenes that engage
  • Works great with print-based acquisition campaigns
  • No mobile app download required
  • Priced for all budgets
Markerless WebAR
Use Your Phones Web Browser to Place & Interact with 3D 
  • 360 degree product visualizations
  • Works with Safari or Chrome
  • Easy to create and brand
See AR Content with Your Existing App
  • Turn any existing app into an AR browser
  • SDK available for both iPhone and Android
  • Use the RealityBLU® app free of charge
  • Pairs with platform accounts that you manage
Use Your App to Place & Interact with 3D
  • 360 degree product visualizations
  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Easy to create and make work with your app


AR Brings Your Message to Life

A Breakout Way to Engage Customers

Today's marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


Why AR Works?


1.9 Billion

people per month will use AR in 2022, and 3 billion devices worldwide are currently AR enabled




of shoppers would prefer to go to stores with a "try-it-before-you-buy" AR experience


7 out of 10

media planners want to use AR to boost advertising and customer engagement



marketers that employ AR see a 10x increase in engagement time, increasing retention and effectiveness

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If You're Not Using AR With Your Customers, Someone Else Is.

Dec 29, 2020 12:03:14 PM

“Our customers aren’t using AR.”

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Why WebAR?

Dec 17, 2020 3:29:22 PM

As a marketing specialist, I realize the day-to-day challenges in staying ahead of the curve with the latest marketing initiatives. AppAR and WebAR are the fastest growing avenues for reaching consumers. 
Augmented Reality experiences have typically required a mobile app download to a user’s phone that would allow them the opportunity to view the scene. AppAR (application-based Augmented Reality) is still a great marketing campaign option, however WebAR (web-based Augmented Reality) marketing significantly changes the game.

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Markerless AR - A 3D Experience

Dec 7, 2020 11:21:25 AM

In 2018, our family decided to sell our new construction home in a treeless neighborhood and move into a 40-year-old raised ranch with original hardwood floors and a beautiful view of mature trees outside of every window. After months of residing in the basement (not such a bad thing in the hot summer months), we were ready to move upstairs, which left the garage…bare. Like every other room in the house, I had a plan. This 'tuck-under' garage was going to become our home gym.

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