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Creative AR

As technology advances, business owners and consumers alike are finding themselves more in tune with the online world.
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AR Asset Management
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RealityBLU is here for your creative agency or brand as you jump into
Augmented Reality. Our platform allows you to create and manage
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Today’s marketers are challenged by a media saturated landscape. Use 3D interactive, media rich content to deliver your ideas into this crowded marketplace.


Creative AR

As technology advances, business owners and consumers alike are finding themselves more in tune with the online world. So much so, that many people feel that the Internet is no longer simply a space where people can go to find information to answer their questions. Instead, it has become the Metaverse. This Metaverse is a more interactive and immersive experience than the Internet has been and customers and businesses alike are finding themselves needing to address this change in space by creating more interactive and engaging experiences.

One of the ways that businesses can do this and provide their customers with the connection through the Metaverse more effectively is to utilize augmented reality technology. In today’s world, most people are familiar with augmented reality (AR) and it is not uncommon for consumers to see AR technology in their daily lives. Because this type of technology is becoming more and more popular in society, many businesses are finding themselves in need of adopting augmented reality business ideas — for example, offering virtual try-on — if they want to keep appealing to their customers.

AR does not have to be reserved only for the more practical uses of simple furniture viewing or real-time try-on services. It can also be used to help a business pursue some of its more creative and innovative ideas. Businesses can use the popularizing AR technology to bring to life their AR creative projects — such as interactive menus, catalogs, and maybe even offering a brand mascot that can more effectively interact with customers. So, whether you are looking for new and exciting augmented reality project ideas or you already have a few of your own that you’d like to realize, now is the time to begin employing these AR project ideas. Realizing your creative AR projects now, before all businesses start coming up with similar ideas and AR experiences, can help to put your business on the map as one of the leaders during this time of helping customers to better connect to the Metaverse. This can lead to a greater preference for your business due to the fact that you were a pioneer of this type of creative AR content creation.


AR Projects For Beginners

The idea of starting and completing an augmented reality project can be an incredibly intimidating thought, especially for someone who may not be familiar with the more technical aspects that are usually required to operate this kind of technology. You may have a number of augmented reality projects ideas in your head, but if you do not have access to, or the understanding to operate, the software that you need to create AR experiences and bring your projects to life, it can seem impossible to actually create the experiences you are looking to create. This is where it can be important to ensure that you are looking for augmented reality software for beginners, or software solutions that do not require coding or programming knowledge to operate.

One example of a platform that offers this type of AR creation solution is RealityBLU. Unlike many other software solutions, RealityBLU requires no coding knowledge to operate. RealityBLU offers uncomplicated and intuitive solutions for businesses that want to create AR experiences for their customers but do not have the technical expertise needed to operate traditional AR creation programs. The drag-and-drop creation engine is easy-to-use and marketers can easily (and effectively) create the projects that they want to without needing to hire developers or programmers to help them operate the software. This means that any AR projects you have in mind can be accomplished by using an intuitive and simple platform that can help you create location-based scenes that use audio, video, 3D models, buttons, images, and links in just minutes.

Another thing that can be intimidating as a beginner when it comes to AR content creation is figuring out which augmented reality projects you want to create. It can be best to stick to more simplistic AR experiences at first because it can help you to get a better understanding of how your AR creation software works and what you can do with it. Because of this, there may be a number of types of projects that are considered to be augmented reality projects for beginners because they have a more simplistic function and are not too difficult to create. These projects may be a good place to start if you are new to the idea of augmented reality.


Augmented Reality Project Ideas For Students

Advanced technologies — such as augmented reality and virtual reality — are becoming more and more common in today’s world. Because of this, it is really only a matter of time before these technologies that we view as advanced today will become the normal baseline that everyone needs to understand in order to get by in the world. For example, technology like smartphones and tablets is still relatively new in the history of technological advancement, but to the younger generations, these technologies are simply a part of learning how to interact with the world. Augmented reality will likely be no different.

Because of this, it is important to encourage students to begin playing with and understanding these technologies so that they can best understand what the younger generations will probably pick up as simply a part of their worlds. In order to encourage the learning and application of these types of technologies, it can be a good idea to implement AR projects for students to do — such as creating their own AR experience. One example of a way that AR is being used to benefit school children in Uganda is through Sister Schools’ AR campaign. This campaign uses AR to increase awareness as well as directly help them fundraise — which is new for nonprofits and has been showing promise as an effective and engaging way to raise awareness and funds. Sister Schools is able to do this AR campaign with the help of RealityBLU’s WorldView AR experiences. These experiences are web-based (so no app is required) and offer AR experiences for donations.


AR Products

There are a number of augmented reality products, solutions, and platforms available on the market today that your business can choose from when you are looking for a solution to help you create the AR content that your customers are looking for. This wide variety of options can make it difficult to find the best option for your business because there can be so many different solutions to choose from. However, one way to help ensure that you are picking a good solution is to look at a list of the top AR products and see what types of features and tools they offer as a part of their software. To do this, you can simply Google “AR products best” or “top AR products.”

This can help you get a good baseline for what tools and features the solution you choose should have and ensure that you are opting for a solution that will give you everything you need to successfully create the AR experiences you want to provide. For example, if you do not have a plethora of technical knowledge in your marketing department, it could be valuable to look for solutions like RealityBLU that offer no-code methods of building AR content.

Another thing that can help you to find a great AR creation solution is to look for augmented reality examples. These could be examples of AR content, AR creation strategies, or even AR creation platforms. All three of these types of examples can help you better understand AR and what it does for your business as well as help you to get some inspiration for AR content you can create for your own business.


Future Of Augmented Reality

Technology is going to continue advancing and with it, the needs and desires of consumers will evolve as well. This means that if today’s consumers are already beginning to show a preference for augmented reality options — especially in e-commerce — there is unlikely to be a change (other than a continued increase in popularity) in the desire for augmented reality experiences. Augmented reality technology has already improved so much over the years and as new and more innovative technologies continue to come up, it will continue to improve and evolve, bringing with it more and more unique and interesting research topics in augmented reality.

One way that businesses can keep up with this increase in desire for augmented reality — as well as keep up with the constantly improving technology — is to utilize an augmented reality platform, like RealityBLU. Using a platform can be a great way to not only get inspiration for the best augmented reality app ideas for your business but also to ensure that you are on top of any changes in consumers’ desires when it comes to AR technology as well as at the forefront of businesses who are leading the way into the future of AR experiences.

RealityBLU offers not only an easy-to-use and intuitive platform for your marketing teams to use to implement interactive and media-rich content that helps your customers not only get the information they are looking for but also offers them a more interactive and engaging experience with your brand. RealityBLU can help you to create WebAR content that is either marker-based or markerless as well as app-dependent AR that can be marker-based or markerless as well. 

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