AR for Brands

Connect with your customers like never before

AR is here and ready to engage your customers

At this moment over 500 million devices are AR enabled. By the end of 2020, the expectation is there will be well in excess of 1.5 billion people capable of connecting with your brand through AR.

If you aren’t already thinking about exploring this new communications channel, it is time you did.

Guaranteed, your competition already is…

BLUairspace®  the AR Brand solution

  • Have a robust in-house team you would like to AR enable?

  • Work with an agency but they are not fully up to speed on AR?

  • Or are you somewhere in the middle – leveraging a mix of internal and external resources for your packaging and marketing materials?

Whatever your situation – we can help. 

Our platform is built to foster collaboration between brands and their agencies to craft AR experiences that provide maximum benefit for both brands and consumers.

Welcome to the future, BLUairspace® is the tool that will quickly and efficiently propel your Brand into the world of AR.

The benefits of AR for Brands

There are numerous benefits seen by Brands who integrate AR into their communications strategy:

  • Increases sales
  • Reduced customer service expenses
  • Deeper connection with consumers
  • Faster training cycles
  • Optimal ROI

AR as a strategic advantage

The market is still young, having a robust AR strategy will elevate your Brand profile above the competition.

No matter what sector you are in: retail, real estate, insurance, health care, entertainment, sports, tourism, arts, technology – within the next few years AR will simply be expected by you customers. 

Get ahead of the curve by using BLUairspace® to leverage your existing resources to engage your customers as never before – entice them, incentivize them educate them.



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