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Make Every Communication an Experience

BLUairspace is a production environment that enables the creation of Augmented Reality experiences to enhance your existing media, transforming your customer’s device into a window opening to a new world.

• Bring print to life using 3D models or videos.

• Customize your video experience by personalizing it to each unique viewer.

• Make your onserts more valuable by embedding savable, shareable promotions.

• Create meaningful interactions with your brand by encouraging action within a mixed reality world -- with one touch, your users can instantly launch a web page, capture an image, book a service, or text a rating or review.

• Break free from the page with information overlay and immerse your audience in real-time experiences.

BLUairspace Delivers

All RealityBLU Workflows and Apps provide:

• One real-time, online Dashboard that allows you to Create, Manage, Deploy and Measure your campaigns

• Design and manage all campaign content

• Deploy, hold and stop campaigns when required

• Access real-time analytics to measure campaign success

• XR Builder, our feature rich creative tool and content management gallery

• Scalability, allowing you to manage 100’s of accounts, campaigns and experiences

• Campaign management workflow that aligns with your production workflow

Extend the functionality of your existing apps


Add the magic of AR into your existing App using the RealityBLU code base. BLUsdk supports Marker based and Markerless workflows and all the functionality of the BLUairspace platform. It supports both the Apple ARKit and Google ARCore as well as devices which are not supported by either of these two platforms.

Our app with your branding


When your AR requirements get a bit more complex or if you prefer a branded App we have a solution for you. We’ll work with your brand team to design an interface that meets corporate brand guidelines. Your content, messaging and brand will be placed within RealityBLU templates. Once completed we handle the submission process and deployment to the App stores. You’ll have the BLUairspace functionality, speed to market as well as brand recognition.

When you need more than the basics


Provides the ultimate in flexibility. This is your complete custom requirements development project. CustomBLU provides functionality that is specific to your business and marketplace.

Get started for free with our app

RealityBLU App

Designed for those companies with time constraints and need a quick start campaign. The ideal tool for proof-of-concept (POC) programs. Simply download our free RealityBLU App, develop your project or POC, utilize existing assets and create markers.

Workflows for every experience

Why limit your creativity to a certain type of AR? BLUairspace gives you the ability to create Marker based AND Markerless campaigns. We don’t stop there. We are the first in the industry to provide Location based and Personalized AR. All four workflows are available with each of our Apps for both, Android and iOS.

Extend your reach

Marker Based AR

Marker based AR adds value by extending reach of your marketing efforts and user experience. Enhance your marketing collateral by adding markers to provide prospects, customers or suppliers an entire marketing resource kit - brochures, podcasts, videos and product demonstrations. Once you have their attention drive them to purchase with a BUY NOW button for immediate sales.

Interact in 3D space

Markerless AR

Markerless AR is great for product visualization, location placement and overall environmental feel within a physical location. Markerless AR allows marketers to provide a real-world physical experience of a product or offering. You will place the object and it will appear as if it is in the physical location. It can be moved, sized to fit in to the venue and viewed and interacted with from all angles.

Many experiences with one marker

Location Based AR

Location based AR allows you to deliver location relevant content. Imagine the efficiencies of creating one, new retail brochure with offers for multiple locations. When the collateral is viewed in Detroit, San Francisco or New York City, it will contain specific promotions, products and availability information for that location. You now have the ability to include regional imagery, benefits, videos, websites and a button to call the local dealer. Launching a new product worldwide? No problem. Upload the relevant localized assets and your customers will have the relevant local experience.

Relevant content delivered in each experience

Personalized AR

We all know video usage is on the rise in business marketing. It adds value to the customer experience. Unfortunately, the video is static – your customers all see the same content. RealityBLU combines the impact of rich media with the relevance of personalization to create an effective communications platform. The experience is created dynamically and the content is rendered in real-time. Features include 3D tracked motion, 3D text, 2D tracked motion, glow and blur, change focus, corner pin, bevel and emboss and well as voice.

Manage Your AR campaigns

The intuitive Campaign Management dashboard allows marketers to manage, update, change and hold campaigns based on program parameters. Our campaign management tools provide web-based reporting, scheduling, and tracking of specific data points relevant for your campaign metric requirements. You can report down to the experience level – location, campaign, operating system, date and time. Location based workflows provide immediate feedback of the experience location.

Campaign testing is easy with RealityBLU. Activate the campaign manually or on a schedule. Based on reporting data you can pause the campaign to change assets then restart and continue track experiences.

Measure Program Success with Detailed Analytics

Our web-based analytics dashboard provides detailed results by experience, location, campaign and device OS. At a glance, you’ll see the metric results for your programs. Compare concurrent campaigns to see which is successful and which may need evaluation, determine which assets are generating experiences that turn into leads and see how your campaigns are being viewed, via Android or iOS.

Download and use the detailed data to make business impacting decisions.

Create and Deploy with XR Builder

Built for the creative community, our feature rich XR Builder gives designers the ability to leverage available assets and markers to create relevant, effective end user experiences. By using our design tool creatives can easily integrate images, photos, 3D renderings, animations and video into a virtual space used to create their campaign experience.

Upload and Save your assets and markers to the XR Builder gallery for future use. When needed simply select an uploaded asset. Manipulate the object in 3D space then move, rotate, scale the item creating the experience.

XR Builder provides robust features including scale, rotate, move, switch and loop. You can view the object from all angles front, back, side as well as isometric.

Use Buttons to create an onscreen engagement making your experiences interactive, bringing them to life.

The digital asset manager within XR Builder is cloud based so you always have immediate access to your all your assets. You’ll logically save your assets and markers as images, 3D objects, videos, audio, buttons, social and toggles for easy and fast availability when needed.

TeamBLU Professional Services

Let our team of Professional Services experts help you get started with training and production support. We develop a specific program to suit your organization’s size and requirements. Services include:

• System setup

• Onboarding

• Training

• Sales consulting services

• Design and production services

• 3D modeling and animation

• Traditional video/animation production

• Variable video/animation production

The Association Model

Business Models

You can purchase RealityBLU direct from us or through our reseller partners.

Looking to manage experiences for your brand? Our enterprise business model is the solution for you. Utilize your mobile App and add the power of AR to improve your bottom line.

For companies offering services to their clients, we have association and agency models. Using your creative and production teams you can provide AR offerings for your clients Mobile Apps.

The Enterprise Model

The Agency Model