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Best Web AR Platform

Augmented reality (AR) platforms can seem intimidating, and the idea of hiring developers to create a program for your brand’s AR experience might be nerve-racking. Web AR is an impressive tool for companies that does not have to be complex.
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Best Web AR Platform  

Augmented reality (AR) platforms can seem intimidating, and the idea of hiring developers to create a program for your brand’s AR experience might be nerve-racking. Web AR is an impressive tool for companies that does not have to be complex.

The best web AR platform is one that fulfills the needs of businesses and consumers. With augmented reality, you can put people, places, and things in the metaverse. Augmented reality platforms are designed to bring what is physical into the virtual realm. Why do this? Using augmented reality tools, consumers can try a product or experience without having to commit to the actual, physical product or experience. Additionally, the best augmented reality software exists so that companies can use it for media planning and marketing campaigns to reach potential customers through an incredible virtual experience.

With three billion devices currently AR-enabled in the world, augmented reality is becoming a powerful tool for customer engagement. When it comes to finding the right software to develop your brand’s AR campaign, it can be difficult to sift through the many options available to you. You may consider developing your software, but that might not be the best choice. Finding the right augmented reality software for beginners can be a nightmare. Then, once you find it, you have to spend countless hours learning how to use it so that your brand can be enhanced with it. The other option is to find an AR software that works for you.

RealityBLU can provide a way for companies to create AR scenes without hiring developers or programmers. With an easy-to-use creation engine, RealityBLU’s software can bring AR to life for your brand. RealityBLU’s web AR tools make it possible for customers to experience AR by simply visiting a website instead of having to download an app.


Create Web AR

The easiest way to create web AR is to start with a platform that makes the process simple. Marketers and media planners do not want to have to hire developers to make an AR platform for them. Augmented reality programming is not an easy task to learn, either. This is why an augmented reality software that is already available for a company to utilize can be one of the best ways to start building your brand’s AR scenes. Whether going with an already designed software or building your web AR platform, it is best to know the various programs designed for creating a platform.

Creating web AR scenes does not have to mean learning how to code with web ar-js, the JavaScript web AR library. While this is one way to create web AR for an organization, it is not the only way. When using the JavaScript library, the first step to creating the AR platform is to recognize that you need a marker image to make it work. This means that any web AR scene that needs to be designed will require a marker image, which restricts the ways a company can use AR.

There are other methods to develop web AR. Open source web AR libraries are expanding constantly, and JavaScript is just one of them. Among the many software development kits for web AR are ARToolKit, DroidAR, and ARCore. The last of these three options is gaining traction with web AR developers and is produced by Google. Part of the ARCore kit is called WebXR. Google created WebXR so that developers could design AR scenes for web browsers instead of using an application.

With these many programming kits available, it can be difficult to know where to start. For companies that want to begin using AR as soon as possible, without waiting for programmers to develop a platform, RealityBLU can provide an easy way to make the most out of web AR.


Google Web AR

Web augmented reality platforms are sometimes created with the Google AR software development kit. This kit makes it easier to create AR scenes, but still requires a firm knowledge of programming. When using the Google web AR platform for AR scenes, you need to set up the right environment to make the program work. A company needs a secure web server and a WebXR compatible browser on a Google AR Core-supported device to use the Google kit.

In addition to creating a software development kit for the creation of AR platforms, Google has created its own Google 3D and AR capabilities. This can be a great way to test AR in a secure environment to see if it is something your company would wish to implement. Google’s AR capability in search results is restricted, however, and can only be viewed with an Android phone that supports their ARCore program. Google augmented reality animals are an easy way to see what AR looks like with the Google platform, and can be viewed with the right device by simply searching for an animal and tapping the “View in 3D” and then “View in your space” buttons.

Google’s web AR capabilities do not stop there. To make the AR experience more immersive, Google created a way to experience virtual or augmented reality simply. Google VR & AR is what Google calls their web AR experiences that utilize their ARCore platform. As with ARCore, these capabilities are only available to Android devices. Google Cardboard is a simple product that allows Android users to experience Google’s AR apps in a captivating way.

Google has developed a platform that companies can use to add augmented reality to their media planning or marketing campaigns, but it can be a hassle to develop the program. RealityBLU can make AR development easier with our drag-and-drop creation engine so that companies do not have to develop or program their platforms for AR.


No Code Web AR

In the field of web augmented reality development, there are only a few options out there that do not require coding. The popular Google WebXR AR platform requires a basic knowledge of three different coding languages and Google Chrome Developer Tools. For those who are not developers or programmers, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages can be incredibly frustrating and may take many hours of hard work to be able to use properly. Yet, the Google Web XR platform requires this kind of knowledge. If a company does not want to hire a programmer or developer to do this, they could try to find a web AR tutorial online that would help them learn how to create the program. However, this would take even more time.

This is why many choose to look for a no code webAR development platform. These kinds of AR platforms can be hard to find, but they do exist. One example is called Unity. This program is built so that companies can develop AR apps without having to code every object interaction. Because Unity is used for creating AR apps, webAR is not something that can be done with this program. As of this article, Unity web AR can only be created with a third party coding library used in conjunction with Unity’s AR development for apps.

A truly no code platform for webAR development is called XR+. This platform does not require coding and has a special tracking technology. The XR Plus tracker allows for AR objects to be placed on horizontal and vertical surfaces, bodies, or any object at all. Similarly, RealityBLU is a no code AR scene creator that can be used by companies without needing to know complex coding languages. Unlike XR+ which can only be used to create webAR experiences, RealityBLU can be used to create AR experiences both entirely on the web and through an app.


Web AR Examples

Companies that want to develop webAR would benefit from viewing web AR examples. Examples of augmented reality can help with understanding what the final result would look like, as well as how other organizations went about creating their AR scenes. Free web AR tests like the augmented reality animals from Google’s 3D and AR search result capabilities for Android are an excellent way to get a feel for augmented reality.

Another way to get an example AR experience would be to view a web AR tutorial on a video platform like YouTube. This way, you can see how others have created a scene and what the result was like with that particular platform for web AR. GitHub is a place where programmers from all over the world can work on projects through their code hosting platform, and it is a great place to find web AR examples. GitHub AR examples will usually be in code.

Finding the right web AR framework for your brand depends on whether you are willing to hire programmers or developers, spend countless hours learning coding languages, or use a web AR builder that does the hard work for you. RealityBLU is a code-free AR development software that can make creating webAR or app-based AR easier for companies. With RealityBLU’s web AR demo, an organization can try out the software and decide if it is right for their needs.

From the JavaScript AR library to Google’s WebXR platform, developing augmented reality features for a brand can look too complex and costly to be worthwhile. But with 70 million people using AR every month, developing AR for a brand might be an excellent option to enhance marketing campaigns or media plans. With easy-to-understand and no-code software like RealityBLU, companies can create webAR scenes for their consumers without the complexity.

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