The AR Platform designed for Creatives and Marketers

Enter the World of AR with Ease and Confidence

BLUairpace® the unique one-stop platform providing marketers and creatives with everything needed for successful AR campaign creation and management.

Create, manage and measure AR content in a production ready, scalable environment, designed to align with workflows you and your teams already have mastered.

AR for Every Purpose

BLUairspace® supports workflows for marker-based, marker-less, web AR, and location/time based experiences all in one easy-to-use production environment.

Build AR content solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing sales, marketing, and communication strategies.

Do What You do Best

You already know how to produce value for clients and customers. AR is simply the latest innovation to showcase you and your team’s existing communication skills.

Creativity, strategy, and engagement are the pillars of every campaign, and it’s no different for AR.

What is different is – now with BLUairspace® you can build, deploy and manage AR experiences without having to write code or employ the help of developers or engineers.

What’s inside BLUairspace®?

  • A real-time, online Dashboard to Create, Manage, Deploy and Measure AR content campaigns
  • Schedule, start, stop and archive campaigns and experiences at will
  • The XR Builder, realityBLU®’s feature-rich creative tool and asset manager
  • Access real-time experience analytics to measure campaign success
  • Scalability, to manage 100’s of accounts, campaigns, and experiences
  • Campaign management workflow that aligns with your current production processes

The BLUairspace® White-label

If you do not have a mobile app, we can quickly leverage the BLUairspace templates to develop and deploy a custom app.

  • We work with your team to design an interface to meet corporate and brand guidelines.
  •  realityBLU will handle the submission process and deployment to the App stores.

The end result is a branded custom app – deployed in no time. 


Extend your Apps' functionality

Add the transformational power of AR to existing apps using the realityBLU app plugin.

With our easy-to-deploy SDK, you can quickly enhance the functionality of your apps to provide a robust AR experience for your audience.

Preview the Future

For companies who need a campaign up and running within minutes, or need a platform to support proof-of-concept (POC) programs – realityBLU’s AR app is ready.

Designed to enable companies to jump start their AR programs, our free realityBLU app enables quick deployment and testing.  Have your AR campaign available within minutes!

Web AR

Did you know you can share the power of AR without requiring the user to have an app?

With BLUairspace® you can easily create experiences and campaigns that users can access Safari or Chrome on a mobile device.  No apps required!



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