AR Creation

Create content that leaps off the page

Maximize your customer engagement

Until now, delivering AR experiences has been expensive and labor-intensive. Additionally, it has required a level of technical proficiency beyond what most organizations can support.

realityBLU® understands this intimately because it’s where we started.  We’re from an agency background and wanted to bring the power of AR to creatives and marketers without the technical hurdles.

Creatives just want to create, communicators want to communicate. That’s why we built BLUairspace®, to empower you to focus on what you do best – innovating customer engagement for maximum impact.

Be Creative with the XRBuilder

Our feature-rich XR Builder gives designers the ability to leverage available assets and markers to create relevant and effective end-user experiences. 

By using our design tool, creatives can easily integrate images, photos, 3D renderings, animations, and video into effective AR content.

Upload and your design assets and markers to the XR Builder Gallery. Drag and drop assets into the Scene Builder. Create your design, while adding interactivity and functionality without the help of programmers.



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