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Applications in AR

At RealityBLU, we have one purpose, equiping you with everything you need to make great AR experiences. Choose from four workflows (Marker Based, Markerless, Location Based, Personalized) to create and deploy campaigns that reach people through effective communication. Check out these campaigns.
Personalized, Relevant, Rich Media
Combine the impact of rich media with the relevance of personalization to create an effective communications platform. Our Personalized AR experiences are created dynamically and the content is rendered in real-time for immediate delivery of your information or messaging.
Solibank Statements
Provide bank statements with meaningful secure data delivered with impact using variable video, dimensional charts and graphs, conditional coupons and activation buttons.
Direct Marketing
Deliver relevant mailers based on conditional information provided from the user. In this example three mailer variations were created based on animal preference. This Variable video is dynamically created using the information collected for animal preference, donation amount and name.
Product Visualization Demonstration
Use Marker based AR for a real-world demo of a product or service. Place furniture in a room to see if the dimensions will fit, step inside a 3D rendering of a home addition to get the feel of the space before you approve the drawings or take a selfie with your favorite sports player. Help your customers try before they buy.

Trade Show Lead Capture / Traffic Driver
Bring marketing collateral to life and effectively demonstrate your product, service or offering. At the same time capture leads, track program results and update messaging if necessary. We bet no piece of collateral you have created has this much real-time flexibility to improve your results.