AR for Agencies

More profit for you and your clients

Elevate campaigns to the next level

It’s no secret – modern consumers are highly distracted, deluged with non-stop messaging and demands for their attention. In turn, your clients need to make their marketing dollars go further and find innovative ways to engage with consumers.

Until now, AR has been the province of large brands or specialized tech companies. But that era is over. BLUairspace®, is a revolutionary new platform that fundamentally shifts the landscape to enable agencies to quickly and cost-effectively provide AR services without the need for substantial investment in tech.

Designed to empower agencies

We are from the agency world, so our platform has been painstakingly designed to smoothly integrate into your existing creative and campaign management processes. This enables your team to create and manage marker/makerless and time/location based AR experiences with ease.

BLUairspace® streamlines campaign creation, asset management, campaign management, deployment and real time analytics into one simple, easy to manage platform. 

Adding Augmented Reality into your agency’s product mix is simply the next logical step to remain competitive and provide your clients with the tools they need to engage with their customers.

Find out how AR can increase the effectiveness of your agency's work


  • Packaging as a Portal
  • Care & Use
  • Try & Buy
  • Coupons
  •  Sweepstakes
  • AR calls to action
  • In-Store point of sale
  • Direct mail


  • Training
  • Support
  • Product Management & Installation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Customer and team engagement
  • Customer care
  • Trade shows and events


  • Event AR
  • Packaging as a Portal
  • Coupons
  • Sweepstakes
  • AR Social Media



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